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May 04, 2016 08:00 ET

Introducing The Tiny Tower: Turning Any Space Into the Ideal Workstation

Portable Ergonomics: Eyes, Arms, Neck and Back in Perfect Alignment With the World's Best Premium, Portable & Height-Adjustable Laptop Stand

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA --(Marketwired - May 04, 2016) - Finally, an elegant workstation that combines ease of setup, superior ergonomics and portability.

The Big Tiny Co. has created the Tiny Tower, a laptop stand that will change the way consumers connect with their laptops. The Tiny Tower provides portability, superior ergonomics and height adjustment into one solidly crafted laptop stand that's easy to use, easy to adjust and perfect for creating the ideal workstation in just about any environment. The company is raising funds via Kickstarter to begin manufacturing the Tiny Tower laptop stand.

Simply put, the Tiny Tower allows you to set up and get to work in no time, wherever you are. It has a simple and elegant design which integrates beautifully with your laptop and improves your productivity and comfort.

In our changing work habits, mobile work has become a necessity, but it has come at the expense of our posture and well-being. While the versatility that laptops provide is great, ergonomically they are not ideal. The longer we spend on them, the more we hunch over them, causing pain in our neck, shoulders and back.

The Tiny Tower was born out of necessity, following the neck injury of The Big Tiny Co. Co-Founder and industrial designer Matthew Cramsie. "In 2014 I suffered a disc herniation in my cervical spine after I had been using a laptop on a daily basis for work without a separate screen or elevated stand," Cramsie says. "On every laptop the screen is positioned directly above the keyboard yet our eyes and arms are much further apart. So we end up tilting our heads too far forward, which can add up to 60 pounds of force onto our neck, according to the US medical journal Surgical Technology International [2014]. Many of the existing solutions on the market are poorly designed 'contraptions.' So as an industrial designer who believes that superior ergonomics, great design and appealing aesthetics can co-exist, I decided to create a product laptop users would be proud to own."

The Tiny Tower's key features:

  • Height Adjustable: At the push of a button, the Tiny Tower adjusts your laptop to a height that suits you. The Tiny Tower features an easy-to-use mechanism that allows you to support the weight of the laptop as you adjust the height. With 10 different height levels available, users will find a height that allows them to work comfortably while protecting their posture.
  • Portable: In three simple moves, the Tiny Tower folds down in under 10 seconds to a flat unit that's light and easy to carry around. A handy protective sleeve is included with every Tiny Tower. Available separately is the Tiny Tote, a zippered nylon pouch designed to carry the Tiny Tower, wireless keyboard and mouse -- creating a completely mobile ergonomic workstation.
  • Superior Construction: The Tiny Tower is built from quality materials including high-grade aluminum. It is lightweight, strong and durable. The Tiny Tower is stable and sturdy at all heights, with high-grip non-slip surfaces to ensure the laptop is secure. Parts are precision-machined, bead blasted and anodized, giving them a superior, durable finish. The Tiny Tower is designed to last and look great.
  • Compatibility: The Tiny Tower is suitable for use with laptops of all makes and models from 11" to 15". Adjustable arms click to lock in three length positions to prevent the laptop from moving.
  • Smaller footprint than the laptop itself: The Tiny Tower leaves more room on your desk for other items while maintaining stability.

Tooling and production for The Tiny Tower is slated to begin in June 2016.

Orders and contributions are currently being taken for the Tiny Tower on Kickstarter, starting at an introductory price of $69. The Tiny Tower will retail for $129. Shipping is slated for September 2016. The campaign is now live and will run through June 3, 2016.

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About The Big Tiny

The Big Tiny Co. is a Sydney-based hardware company established in 2014, and is owned by Matthew Cramsie and Anhtai Anhtuan. The company is committed to offering beautiful, highly functional tools to help people work in a way that doesn't compromise health, wellbeing or convenience. The Big Tiny Co. is making technology better fit your lifestyle, not the other way around. 

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