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March 24, 2016 14:01 ET

Introducing the Uniregistry Market: a New, Groundbreaking Domain Name Marketplace

Uniregistry Is Integrating DomainNameSales Into Its Registrar, Making It Easier for Anyone to Buy, Manage, and Sell Domain Names.

GRAND CAYMAN, CAYMAN ISLANDS--(Marketwired - March 24, 2016) -  Uniregistry, a domain name registration company, has launched the Uniregistry Market. With Uniregistry Market customers can buy, manage, and sell domain names through one seamless interface.

The launch of the Uniregistry Market integrates DomainNameSales, a prominent aftermarket domain sales platform, into Uniregistry's registrar service. Uniregistry customers can take advantage of DomainNameSales' robust sales tools within their account at All Uniregistry customers can now purchase premium domain names from any Uniregistry Market portfolio, directly via the registrar.

Anyone with a domain name has the ability to participate and become a seller on the Market -- there's no requirement to become a domain name professional. The Uniregistry Market is integrated with domain appraisal service Estibot to assist with informed appraisals.

The integration of DomainNameSales into the registrar streamlines the process of completing transactions for domain sellers. Uniregistry's new Secure Simultaneous Exchange (SSE) system empowers users to self-settle transfers of a domain name, without a third party stakeholder. The transfer of domain names is instant, safe, and self-directed.

The Uniregistry Market also features:

  • Industry-leading domain inventory management tools, making it more efficient to manage extensive domain portfolios.
  • An advanced sales inbox that allows customers to easily filter, sort, and organize sales leads, and perform actions in bulk.
  • An improved, automated checkout and ownership transfer experience. With SSE, buying a domain is faster and more secure.

"We've taken the best of DomainNameSales and made it better and easier to use," said Uniregistry's founder and managing director, Frank Schilling. "We created a product that lets you sell domain names faster, more easily and effectively than previously possible."

Schilling's struggle as an early domain name investor inspired him to launch Uniregistry's new product.

"When I started out in this industry, I wanted to sell some of my domain names" Schilling said. "It was 15 years ago and I was looking for the button or tab in my registrar that said, 'Sell my domain names.' And it wasn't there. I had no idea at the time that one day I would build a registrar that would become bigger and better than my first registrar, and while I'm sorry it took so long, I'm proud to finally offer an end-to-end solution so people anywhere can buy and sell names easily, elegantly, and in real-time."

You can learn more about the Uniregistry Market at

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Uniregistry is a domain name registration innovator, creating beautiful and intuitive products for users to connect on the Internet. Uniregistry opened its retail registrar in 2014, which introduced a user interface that revolutionized domain name management. Uniregistry offers access to every meaningful name ending, including .LINK, .FLOWERS, .CARS, .GAME, and .HELP, and prides itself on making domain names easy.

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DomainNameSales was founded in 2001 with the goal of providing buyers and sellers a trustworthy medium for buying and selling premium domain names. Over the years, DomainNameSales has evolved into a vibrant marketplace, fostering communication between buyers and sellers everywhere in the world.

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