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Tomoye Corporation

November 19, 2008 09:19 ET

Introducing Tomoye Communities for SharePoint

User-Driven Communities Drive Employee Learning and Cross Enterprise Collaboration

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Nov. 19, 2008) - Tomoye today announced the launch of Tomoye Communities for SharePoint which enables enterprises to get more value out of existing Microsoft Office System investments. With this new offering, Tomoye Communities for SharePoint takes document management to the next level by breaking down content silos by publishing content into cross-enterprise communities. Organizations can also leverage SharePoint content beyond the walls of the enterprises to engage partners, customers and other stakeholders. In these communities, users participate using a wide range of powerful features such as video collaboration, expertise classification and community metrics.

Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server is the leading portal, search and document management solution on the market and organizations require ways to leverage their existing SharePoint investment. Tomoye has an established track record of delivering the technology and processes required to make communities a success and maximize the engagement and productivity of communities across hundreds and thousands of users.

"Too often valuable content is locked away in documents which the majority of people whether they be employees on other teams, customers or partners simply cannot access," said Eric Sauve, CEO and Co-Founder, Tomoye Corporation. "Communities provide a powerful way to extend SharePoint using proven technology to drive user participation and discussion. Our new offering enables organizations to break down silos, engage individuals both inside and outside the enterprise and create real stickiness so users get value from the community and keep coming back."


Tomoye Communities for SharePoint includes the following features:

- Community taxonomy: Thematic based navigation enables organizations to successfully aggregate all of the different people, knowledge and conversations within an enterprise.

- Powerful questions and answers: Tomoye questions and answers generate ROI and stickiness in communities. In Tomoye Communities, questions and answers are available by mobile, email and within the community itself.

- Expertise classification: In social networking applications, more often then not, people do not fill in their personal profile or share content on their profile pages. Tomoye communities use a variety of techniques aside from profiles to reveal expertise and classifying it with a fine granularity.

- Video collaboration: Tomoye helps create communities around all types of content from documents to wikis to videos to Weblogs. Users can select and work with the content types they feel the most comfortable with. Only Tomoye brings video collaboration to SharePoint deployments.

- Community metrics engine: Take the guess work out of managing communities with fine grain metrics that enable you to plan, grow and evaluate initiatives.

Free Trial

A free trial is available to get users started with Tomoye Communities for SharePoint, go to

Pricing and Availability

Tomoye Communities for SharePoint is available immediately through Tomoye Corporation and its reseller partners. For internal deployments, per seat licensing starts at $35. Server-based pricing is available for external users.

See Tomoye Communities for SharePoint in Action

A short video demo is available at:

About Tomoye

Tomoye, the Community of Practice Company, has focused exclusively on communities of practice for nearly a decade. This specialization has enabled Tomoye to develop a strong and thorough level of expertise with proven technology and the best practices and processes. Tomoye Ecco 2.0 is SharePoint ready, enabling organizations to form communities inside and outside the enterprise, so that peers can solve real problems, learn, and generate new ideas together. Tomoye community of practice solutions are used by hundreds of thousands of people in large corporations and government agencies throughout the world. Tomoye customers include Lockheed Martin, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, U.S. Department of Education, Canadian Heritage and UNESCO. Tomoye is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. For more information please visit:

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