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January 20, 2010 06:47 ET

Introducing the vCube™: The First Partner Driven Private Cloud Initiative and Datacenter Solutions Platform, Available From International Computerware, Inc.

MARLBOROUGH, MA--(Marketwire - January 20, 2010) - International Computerware, Inc. (ICI), a global award winning datacenter consulting firm, today announced the introduction of the vCube™, the first partner driven datacenter solutions platform. The vCube design was developed around ICI's intellectual property and vast experience in datacenter architecture and integration utilizing their proven consulting methodology nCubed™: Now, Next, Nirvana. The vCube is a "process driven" modular architecture built upon "proven technologies" making it the complete datacenter solutions platform. It is comprised of servers, switches, unified storage, virtualization, monitoring, information protection, and other modular components creating a simplified, flexible, and customer configurable solution.

"As we enter into a new era of IT, technology is changing at an even faster rate and Cloud Computing has become a viable solution to contain costs and share compute resources and applications. Organizations must now be able to understand the concepts of the Private Cloud, Public Cloud, and Hosted Clouds and understand how they can take advantage of this paradigm shift in computing," said Brad Maltz, CTO of ICI. "This is where ICI's vCube becomes a solution accelerator and technology enabler. The concept of the Private Cloud is to create a service offering from the internal IT department where a standardized, manageable, and simplified integration of technologies is needed to power the Private Cloud. The vCube was developed to enable customers to take their first steps towards a federated and cloud computing model."

Through ICI's extensive industry leading partnerships, the vCube's design provides a tailor-made compute platform that can leverage clients' technology preferences, skills, and relationships. Jamie Shepard, EVP of ICI, said, "During ICI's collaboration with customers on design it's not our intent to compromise a client's existing datacenter partnerships; rather, our aim is to integrate their server and switch layers into our vCube design." From the results of an nCubed assessment, existing HP, Dell, or Cisco servers and Brocade or Cisco switches can be incorporated. The foundation of the initial vCube offerings consists of VMware's vSphere Virtualization Platform, Apparent Networks PathView Network Monitoring Solution, EMC Unified Storage, EMC Information Protection Modules (Avamar or Data Domain), and APC rack and power equipment. All vCubes are racked, configured, and tested at ICI's Innovation Facility in Marlborough, MA.

"We're very pleased that ICI selected our PathView products as the basis for the integrated network management capabilities in both of their new vCube offerings," said Keith Bartlett, vice president of business development for Apparent Networks. "It demonstrates ICI's commitment to bringing the best array of technologies to bear on customers' IT challenges. With PathView functionality, ICI customers get an entirely new dimension of network visibility and problem solving capabilities. They get clear sight lines from the desktop to the datacenter across virtual and physical resources. These new capabilities provide an added level of operational surety that is increasingly important to customers transitioning to cloud-based services."

As of this announcement, there are two vCube offerings immediately available for datacenter deployments. The Infrastructure as a Service (I.a.a.S.) vCube and the Desktop as a Service (D.a.a.S.) vCube. Both vCube offerings allow organizations to easily and cost effectively manage their own internal private clouds; Furthermore, ICI has included two "Best-of-Breed" technologies such as Akorri's BalancePoint for the Infrastructure as a Service (I.a.a.S.) vCube and Liquidware Labs' Stratusphere and ProfileUnity for the Desktop as a Service (D.a.a.S.) vCube.

Additional Information:

Infrastructure as a Service (I.a.a.S.) vCube

The I.a.a.S. vCube provides organizations with a complete datacenter solutions platform that incorporates the ability to run VMware Virtual Machines, provision EMC storage via multiple protocols while connecting everything with a robust multi-Gigabit network enhancing all advanced features of the vCube. Alongside the fundamental features of the vCube the organization has built-in monitoring and backup capabilities in a 1 or 2 rack configuration. The I.a.a.S. vCube comes in multiple size configurations based on the number of max supported Virtual Machines. The I.a.a.S. vCube models are: I-vCUBE-96, I-vCUBE-192, I-vCUBE-384, I-vCUBE-576, I-vCUBE-768, and I-vCUBE-1152 maximum Virtual Machines. These models are based on proven technical assumptions which can be configured differently for any organization. To be able to monitor the entire stack including storage through the application Akorri BalancePoint has been included.

"Akorri's BalancePoint will add tremendous value to ICI's vCube Infrastructure as a Service offering and we are thrilled to be a part of it," said Allan Wallack, CEO of Akorri. "BalancePoint will enable vCube customers to optimize the performance of their data center infrastructure to get the best service possible. BalancePoint's infrastructure-wide analytical systems management software views both virtual and physical server and storage resources, providing visibility and control to troubleshoot, assure performance and capacity, plan server and storage requirements, and manage and maximize service levels."

Desktop as a Service (D.a.a.S.) vCube

The concept behind the D.a.a.S. vCube is to enable an organization with a complete datacenter solutions platform that is based upon the ability to deliver VMware Virtual Desktops to all end-users in the organization. To be able to do this the vCube incorporates the ability to provision EMC storage via multiple protocols while connecting everything with a robust multi-Gigabit network enhancing all advanced features of the vCube. Additionally, the vCube has built-in monitoring and backup capabilities in one, two, or three rack configurations. The D.a.a.S. vCube comes in multiple size configurations based on the number of maximum supported Virtual Desktops. The D.a.a.S. vCube models are D-vCUBE-256, D-vCUBE-512, D-vCUBE-1024, D-vCUBE-2048, D-vCUBE-3072, and D-vCUBE-6144 maximum Virtual Desktops. These models are based on proven technical assumptions which can be configured differently for any organization. To be able to monitor the entire stack including storage through the application LiquidWare Labs has been included.

"ICI is satisfying real-world customer needs with vCube by providing services and assembling best-of-breed solutions for organizations looking to implement virtual strategies to lower total cost of ownership of desktops and datacenters," said Tyler Rohrer, COO and founder of Liquidware Labs. "Our Stratusphere and ProfileUnity solutions fit nicely with their offerings by providing award-winning assessment, migration, configuration, and level of service assurance for enterprise virtual desktops."

Alongside the Virtual desktop component the D.a.a.S. vCube includes VMware's ThinApp for Application Virtualization. Through the use of ThinApp, ICI will help clients optimize their desktop infrastructure management by installing and updating their desktop applications from a centralized repository.

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