October 06, 2015 09:00 ET

Introducing WallJax: The World's First Completely Wireless Charging Solution

Wireless phone charging that blends with your home's furnishings

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - October 06, 2015) - At last, a wireless phone charging option where you can't see the wires.

The new WallJax wireless charger will change the way consumers connect with their smartphones. As the next generation wall-mounted wireless charger and the world's first completely cord-free charger, WallJax enables wireless charging that is easy, visually pleasing and convenient.

Simply put, WallJax is a new charging solution for mobile phones that is a sleek and convenient solution to charging compared with today's corded options that are cumbersome and cluttered.

WallJax brings aesthetic beauty to charging your phone.

Wireless charging isn't new technology. It's something we've been talking about since the mid-2000s and has been commercially available since 2009. According to WallJax Co-Founder Jeff Kittredge, "Even though there are now more mobile phones than people on the planet, one would think a technology as approachable and embraceable as wireless cell phone charging would be ubiquitous today."

He added, "No one product has been able to deliver on the promise of wireless charging. People want a wireless charging option that's equally visually appealing and convenient. WallJax achieves that."

WallJax was born of the desire for a more accessible and permanent charging solution.

Kittredge and Co-Founder Roy Wang recognized that consumers were fed up with buying $500 phones and having to leave them laying around haphazardly to charge. A phone is more than just another device: WallJax treats your phone with respect -- A safe, visually-pleasing location to charge your phone that blends in with your home's furnishings along with a 10 watt USB port to increase versatility for charging additional items like your tablet or your smartwatch.

WallJax comes in two models, the WallJax EZ and the WallJax Float. WallJax EZ is $79 and just plugs into any existing outlet. WallJax EZ is the world's first wireless charger that doesn't need any wire. Alternatively, WallJax Float at $59 can be mounted anywhere on a wall. Both versions have hidden magnets to hang keys from. Both take only minutes to install and can charge any Qi compatible phone (this includes Android, Windows and using a case iPhones).

According to Kittredge, "We believe that consumers should have a beautiful and convenient place to charge their phones."

By the end of this year, more than 150 million wireless charging phones will be in customers' hands. WallJax is capitalizing on this exploding market.

Orders and contributions are currently being taken for both WallJax EZ and WallJax Float on Indiegogo, with prices starting at of $59. Shipping is slated for July 2016.

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WallJax was founded in Boston in December 2014 by grad school classmates Jeff Kittredge and Roy Wang. Jeff worked 6 years in consumer good manufacturing prior to Electrical Engineering grad school. They spent the winter and spring of 2015 designing WallJax. For more information, visit

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