October 30, 2009 08:00 ET

Introducing WeFitFor2

A New Paradigm in Fitness That Harnesses the Power of Connection Special 3 DVD Set Available on November 17, 2009

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - October 30, 2009) - Exercise has become a solitary endeavor. Yes, you may belong to a gym and work out in a room full of people, but once the earbuds are inserted and the television above the treadmill switches on, your attention is elsewhere -- not even on the exercise that you are doing. What if there was a way to get an intense and effective workout while still maintaining a connection with another person, and more importantly with your mind, body and spirit?

Enter WeFitFor2, a revolutionary approach to fitness that is sure to change the way you get into shape. Fun and effective, WeFitFor2 combines a fully customizable strength training and cardio regimen with a new concept called "Partnering" -- utilizing one's own body weight and that of a workout companion to achieve maximum results. Available on DVD for the first time on Tuesday, November 17, 2009, this system utilizes connection and commitment and shows that we all have access to one of the most challenging and efficient pieces of exercise equipment, the human body!

WeFtFor2 was developed by Dean Graham, a sought-after personal trainer with a background in yoga, and features Lori Lim, a former competitive ice dancer and certified fitness instructor. The program evolved as an outgrowth of their experiences with the power of connecting with another in order to realize a fitness goal.

"Years of martial arts training and yoga taught me the value of two people working together," says WeFitFor2 creator Dean Graham. "I liked the way gym partners motivated each other in the weight room. I liked the way martial artists built strength and toughness through creative partner work in the dojo. I liked the way yogis would give hands on corrections. And I liked the way dancers connected through both their touch and eyes. I wanted to put it all together."

Unlike most fitness videos that dive right into a routine, Dean and Lori take the time to teach each movement in detail to avoid the frustration of trying to keep up, or worse, executing the move incorrectly which can lead to injury. Then the 3-disk WeFitFor2 program continues with creative circuits and combinations that evolve as your familiarity with the program and fitness level develops. All the while, you and your partner are communicating and utilizing physical closeness and the motivating power of touch to burn calories, reduce fat, increase strength and stamina and improve the overall appearance of both of your bodies. However, the benefits are not purely physical. As your practice increases, the patience, sensitivity and mindfulness between you and your partner fostered by the system can help to strengthen your relationship.

"You cannot achieve anything without focus and attention," adds Lim. "If you want a fit beautiful body, then you must focus on that. With this program, you and your partner help each other to stay focused and accountable -- and at the same time, you are building the strength of your relationship. You don't have to go through it alone and it is even fun."

With WeFitFor2, there is no need to join an expensive gym or master complicated equipment. You and your partner can achieve a satisfying workout anytime, anywhere and with limited spatial requirements. You will become fit, healthy and happier in your relationships with this innovative new concept to fitness.

WeFitFor2 is sold exclusively at and retails for $49.95 -- significantly less than a gym membership or the average fitness apparatus. Stop working out alone with minimal results. You and your partner can transform "me time" into "we time" with WeFitFor2!

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