May 19, 2014 09:00 ET

INTTRA Shares April's Top Carriers in Ocean Shipping Information Quality

INTTRA Announces 'Top 5' Ocean Carriers in Data Quality; CSAV Group Joins Top Ranks in This Month's Analysis

PARSIPPANY, NJ--(Marketwired - May 19, 2014) - INTTRA, the world's largest multi-carrier e-commerce network for ocean shipping, announced the April results of its ocean shipping information quality program, revealing exclusive insight into the quality of carrier data provided by the global containerized shipping industry. The program, which was announced earlier this year, enables carriers to easily identify where data issues exist to drive the systematic improvement of shipment information quality.

With April's results, INTTRA has named the top five carriers providing the highest quality shipment data. They are: 1. APL; 2. Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL); 3. United Arab Shipping Company (UASC); 4. CSAV Group; and 5. Hapag-Lloyd.

The rankings were derived from analysis into shipment status events matched with the transport plan provided to shippers who use the INTTRA network. This provides carriers on INTTRA's e-shipping platform with a global view into data quality measured by completeness of information using the specific event milestones that shippers require for each shipment. The ability to deliver high-quality data is essential to improving efficiencies in the shipment supply chain, reducing operational costs, and enhancing customer service across the industry.

For the first time, CSAV Group, one of the largest shipping companies in Latin America, joins INTTRA's top ranks of ocean carrier information quality leaders. CSAV Group saw the greatest improvement in data quality among all carriers, rising to the fourth place as the result of a 6 percent gain.

"Improving efficiency, customer service and decision-making through the delivery of high quality data is a core element of CSAV's strategy," said Andres Kulka, Senior Vice President, Commercial, CSAV Group. "We are pleased to join the ranks of INTTRA's list of top ocean carriers that are leading the way in delivering high-quality information. The industry is rapidly transforming for the better through advanced technologies supported by our partnership with INTTRA. We recognize the critical role that information will play in this transformation, and are pleased to support our customers' needs for high quality data."

This month continued the trend of industry-wide improvement in shipment completeness across all carriers. Since the program was launched in September 2013, the number of shipments containing container status event messages measured has improved by 12 percent.

"INTTRA's ocean shipping information quality program has gained strong traction, bringing global awareness to the critical role that high-quality data plays in the shipment supply chain," said Sandra Moran, Chief Marketing Officer, INTTRA. "Each percentage point improvement has the potential to remove thousands of service calls and their associated costs for shippers and carriers. We congratulate all of the carriers who consistently lead the way in our list, and are excited to see CSAV Group rise to the top five ranks of data quality champs."

About the INTTRA Information Quality Program:
The program -- comprised of a monthly carrier scorecard, the INTTRA Insights Platform for Visibility, and INTTRA Ocean IQ professional service engagement -- was created in conjunction with ocean carriers to provide them with a standardized measurement system for global shipment data completeness, accuracy and timeliness. This provides all participating carriers with a monthly scorecard, as well as their carrier ranking report based on the information collected.

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