March 05, 2014 09:15 ET

INTTRA Shares Results of Ocean Shipping Information Quality Program, Spotlights Top Three Carriers

APL, Hapag-Lloyd and UASC Lead in Status Event Data Quality, According to INTTRA's First Published Rankings

PARSIPPANY, NJ--(Marketwired - Mar 5, 2014) - INTTRA, the world's largest multi-carrier e-commerce network for ocean shipping, today announced the first results from its comprehensive ocean shipping information quality program, revealing exclusive insight into the quality of carrier data provided by the global containerized shipping industry. The program -- comprised of a monthly carrier scorecard, the INTTRA Insights Platform for Visibility, and INTTRA Ocean IQ professional service engagements -- was created in conjunction with ocean carriers to provide them with a standardized measurement system for global shipment data completeness, accuracy and timeliness. This enables carriers to easily identify where data issues exist and helps drive systematic changes for accelerating issue resolution and the improvement of shipment information quality.

The first published results revealed three carriers leading the way in providing the highest quality data: 1. APL; 2. Hapag-Lloyd; and 3. United Arab Shipping Company (UASC).  The rankings were derived from analysis into the shipment status events matched with the transport plans provided to shippers on the INTTRA network. This provides all carriers on INTTRA's global e-commerce platform with a full view into data quality using completeness of information, as well as data measured from specific event milestones, regions and ports/terminals.

Since the program began in September 2013, INTTRA has worked with participating carriers to improve overall data quality by 11 percent. Through the INTTRA Insights Platform, carriers can easily spot systemic issues caused by status event information that is missing, late or inconsistent, enabling them to make changes that improve data quality and help customers manage shipments more effectively.

"The information quality program is a core part of INTTRA's strategic vision to improve supply chain shipment visibility, and we congratulate the top three carriers who have made high-quality information a priority," said Sandra Moran, Chief Marketing Officer, INTTRA. "We look forward to continuing our work with all carriers to pinpoint areas for sustainable data quality enhancements that drive new levels of efficiency in the shipment supply chain."

"Ensuring high levels of customer service is a central part of UASC's strategy, and easy access to consistent, quality information plays an essential role in our approach," said Uffe Ostergaard, Chief Commercial Officer, UASC. "We are pleased to be recognized as a top carrier driving high-quality information in INTTRA's published results. As the industry continues to evolve in a digital world, our goal is to continue to lead by using advanced technologies like INTTRA's platform to excel in delivering data that's accurate, timely and drives business forward."

Data Quality by Region
In addition to spotlighting top carriers in information quality, INTTRA shared details on regional findings. By providing carriers with a view of complete and incomplete shipments across all carriers by export country and location, they can measure information quality per region, identify emerging issues, and make changes as needed. INTTRA's regional findings showed1.

  • The top five regions scoring the best information quality, measured by completeness of data are (in order): 1. Hong Kong, 2. Chile, 3. Thailand, 4. Canada, 5. Australia.

  • The top regions scoring the worst data quality figures, measured by completeness of data are (in order): 1. China, 2. Turkey, 3. United States, 4. South Korea and 5. India.

  • Overall, the top five best scoring regions for information quality represent 5 percent of total incomplete shipments, while the five worst regions represent 47 percent of the volume of total incomplete shipments.

INTTRA's information quality program was created in preparation for the launch of the company's forthcoming supply chain shipment visibility solution in the second quarter of 2014. All participating carriers receive the monthly scorecard, as well as their carrier ranking report based on the information collected. For more details, visit here.

For more information on INTTRA and its multi-carrier e-commerce network, visit Connect with INTTRA via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

1 Based on INTTRA research measuring export countries and using key events: 'gate in full,' 'container vessel,' and 'vessel departure'.

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