SOURCE: Author Jason Apollo Voss

Author Jason Apollo Voss

December 16, 2010 07:01 ET

"Intuitive Investor" Author Jason Apollo Voss Reveals 2011 Market and Economic Predictions

Insight on Key Investing Trends Including Economy, Stocks, Gold, Oil, Interest Rates, U.S. Dollar, Government Policy, Overseas Markets; Launches "What My Intuition Tells Me Now" Blog

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - December 16, 2010) - "Intuitive Investor" author Jason Apollo Voss has revealed his 2011 market and economic predictions, for example predicting a "big sell-off on gold" in his "What My Intuition Tells Me Now" blog. Voss also predicts stock market growth of 10-14 percent, unemployment trending down toward 7.8-8.7 percent, an increase in consumer spending, a four percent increase in the U.S. GDP, and continued inflated oil pricing.

Voss recently authored the book, "The Intuitive Investor: A radical guide for manifesting wealth," that challenges many conventional perceptions about investing and financial decisions, and, unlike any previous How-To investment books, offers readers a plan for building the skills necessary to use intuition to make better investments. 

Voss, CFA, retired at 35 from his hugely successful run as co-Portfolio Manager of the Davis Appreciation & Income Fund. During his tenure the Fund bested NASDAQ by 77%, S&P 500 by 49% and the DJIA by 36%; was named a Lipper Leader, and received Morningstar's highest rating for ethical stewardship of investor money. The Fund was ranked No. 1 in its investment category and was also a regular Morningstar "Analyst Pick."

Voss is bullish on 2011 investment opportunities in general, stating that "...greater (worldwide economic) cohesion and stabilization will result in a more positive rhetoric and focus on the future." Additional predictions for 2011 include:

  • Businesses - "Will finally start to see modest revenue growth, in the aggregate 5-9%, pop in earnings and hiring increases."

  • Federal Reserve - "Likely to leave interest rates flat for all of 2011."

  • Congress (fiscal policy) - "Will be gridlocked and unable to make any substantive changes, save for an extension of the Bush-era taxation environment."

  • Consumers - "Expect by the end of 2011 that spending levels and personal income levels will be roughly equal."

  • Europe - "The debt storm that is passing through Europe will subside with not much consequence in terms of the economy. Instead, the predominant result will be political."

  • China - "Inevitably a day of economic reckoning will come in China... is on the brink of two ugly things: massive asset inflation, and the bursting of that bubble; more social unrest."

  • Oil - "Prices are likely to remain at their current inflated, unjustifiable levels, due to continued speculation. Expect real price spikes when the noise in the Middle East gets too loud (i.e. Iraq's sectarian battles and Saudi Arabia's succession issues) for markets to bear." 

  • Barack Obama - "Will focus on foreign policy. There will be a pull-out from Afghanistan where there will be some tenuous political, rather than military, settlement. But most of all, he will begin battering China on a whole host of economic and trade issues." 

"In conjunction with the book, my new 'What My Intuition Tells Me Now' blog is my 'electronic stone' revealing for readers my sense of things as they are and will be. My hope is that this blog provides actionable and straightforward information for better investing, and, as I always strive to offer honest market insight, it should also provide criteria by which readers can assess my continued skill as an investor," continued Voss.

Mr. Voss, who is extremely active in the markets, has used the skills outlined in his book to make a number of correct market predictions, including his October 21, 2004 epiphany in which he realized there was going to be a global recession, and which led to his retirement August 19, 2005; his calling of the March 9, 2009 market low just several days after the fact on his blog, and his August 7, 2009 post, Investing in the stock market makes sense, that accurately called the recession was over.

According to Voss, "One of the most important of all investment secrets is that there is no such thing as a future fact. Facts by definition occur in the past; investing unfolds in future, so that investing and facts are actually at cross purposes," a notion that may be surprising for most to consider. 

While facts, probabilities, and performance records are certainly useful tools in assessing investment opportunities, Voss asserts that investment decision-making is as much an intuitive, creative "right-brain" process as it is an analytical, "left-brain" procedure. The problem is not that left brain analytical approaches are "wrong." It is that they do not provide ALL of the answers.

"The Intuitive Investor" addresses this conundrum by looking for the grail in an entirely different place, the right brain -- and offers accessible anecdotes and practical exercises that allow the reader to develop the intuitive gifts of the human mind to make better, "whole brain" decisions in investing and beyond.

About "The Intuitive Investor: A radical guide for manifesting wealth"
For more information about Jason Apollo Voss please visit his website and "What My Intuition Tells Me Now blog," or Facebook fan page. "The Intuitive Investor: A radical guide for manifesting wealth" is distributed by Midpoint Trade Books, published by SelectBooks, and available wherever books are sold including, Barnes & Noble, and the Jason Apollo Voss blog.