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July 31, 2006 14:28 ET

Inventor of the Seamless "In Game" Ad Files for Patent Protection

CLEARWATER, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- July 31, 2006 -- Nightlife Interactive LLC, inventor of the Seamless Ad, a significant breakthrough in video game advertising, has filed for patent protection. The company ( feels that its invention will provide video "in game" advertisers with the accountability that many feel is missing from the current impression-based pricing model. "After the Internet bubble burst in 2000, companies like Overture saved the day with pay-per-click advertising," stated Bob Cefail, CEO of Nightlife Interactive. "We are confident that the pay-per- transaction functionality of the Seamless Ad will accelerate the growth of in-game advertising."

The Seamless Ad was designed to allow for effective product promotion that does not disturb or interfere with "in progress" game play. Video games can now be constructed using realistic product integration that allows a player to click on any item within a game when they are interested in the product itself. After the player clicks on the product residing within the game, he or she can continue to seamlessly play the game. The Seamless Ad platform identifies the interested consumer and then delivers the appropriate promotion to the user's email box.

By serving ads in this manner, an advertiser will be able to pay for an ad on a per-transaction basis. "Most advertisers would prefer a pay-as-you-go plan rather than a pay-per-impression model," explained Cefail. "Our system offers true accountability in terms of ad placement and results."

Nightlife Interactive is currently building its first game that includes the Seamless Ad. The game revolves around the world of music, entertainment, and the nightclub scene. Set in five major cities and 25 nightclubs, the game features such real-world products as cars, consumer electronics, clothing, and music. "No present time game would be realistic without such product integration," said Cefail.

The game, titled "Nightscape," involves massive multi-player role-playing and social networking. "We consider the game to be a cross between MySpace, Second Life and," remarked Cefail. "This is a game where adults can enjoy great music, top DJs, all while meeting new people."

Nightlife Interactive is being assisted in the development of "Nightscape" by In Touch Media Group (OTCBB: ITOU), an online marketing, Web development, and Internet PR firm that specializes in generating website visitors through various search engine technologies and viral marketing techniques. In Touch Media Group conducted seven stages of market research involving over 7,000 participants in order to establish the ideal game for adults ranging from 18 to 45 years in age. In Touch CEO, Laura Betterly, states, "This truly is an example of market research being used at all stages to ensure that consumers and advertisers both get exactly what they want from this game."

"Video game players seek out game immersion," stated Cefail, "which is why we developed the Seamless Ad -- to provide advertising results yet not disrupt game play."

The game is scheduled to be released in the late summer of 2007, and advertising placement and registration will start on August 4, 2006. Advertisers who wish to have their products placed in the game must allow for the "build in" of their offerings within the game, which starts in November 2006.

About Nightlife Interactive LLC

Nightlife Interactive is a video game development, marketing and management company specializing in present day video games that serve subscribers who are over the age of 18. The company also provides advertisers with the opportunity to showcase their products within Nightlife interactive games using the company's patent-pending technology known as the Seamless Ad.

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In Touch Media Group (OTCBB: ITOU) is an online marketing and PR firm that specializes in generating website visitors and customers for its business clients using a combination of effective systems, including search engine advertising, publicity and other marketing services. The company employs online market research to dramatically increase the effectiveness of search engine advertising, targeted publicity, and strategically placed website advertising.

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