Investigative Solutions Network Inc.

Investigative Solutions Network Inc.

April 23, 2009 13:57 ET

Investigative Solutions Network Inc.: "One of Canada's Premier Investigators Creates Successful Investigative Interviewing....The Canadian Way!"

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - April 23, 2009) - Dave Perry and Ron Wretham, founder and CEO of Investigative Solutions Network, and one of Canada's premier criminal investigators, has joined forces with a team of highly qualified and powerful Criminal Profilers, Forensic Psychiatrists and Curriculum designers to develop and deliver their three day intensive, exclusively Canadian, ISN Investigative Interviewing System.

"The ISN Investigative Interviewing System is a training program created over a three-year process of academic research, subject matter expert collaboration and a dedication to the necessity of accurate curriculum development", says Dave Perry. "The system is a comprehensive mechanism intended to develop the Interviewing skills of a varied and diverse group of individuals. These can include, but are not limited to; front line police officers, public and private investigators, security professionals, corporate and government investigators, and human resource specialists".

The overall purpose of the ISN Investigative Interviewing System is to provide effective and ongoing interview strategies intended to not only manage one-to-one conversations, but allow interviewers the opportunity to utilize strategies which will elicit as much accurate information as possible. The System is an intentionally linked series of components which include:

- Effective Systematic Interview Preparation and Planning

- Current Canadian Criminal and Civil Law interview implications

- Subject Personality Considerations/Assessment

- Interview Strategies

- Cognitive Behavioural Interviewing

- Questioning Techniques

- Concept of Deception and Malingering

- Interviewing Victims, Witnesses, Suspects; Challenges and variations

- Memory and the Contamination of Memory Evidence

- Investigative Challenges in Interviewing/Confession Evidence

- Presenting Evidence

- False Allegations/Confessions

- Statement Validation

- Developing Suspects/Persons of Interest

In addition to training in all the above components, participants engage in ongoing and cumulative learning case based scenarios throughout the entire three days. These scenarios are created from real-life criminal and corporate investigations, and allow the learner the opportunity to practice and demonstrate the skills and concepts presented during each of the training levels. This is an excellent way to build any investigator's skill base. No matter how much interview experience one has, the ISN Investigative Interviewing System will build on and intensify all skill levels.

All components within the training build upon each other and provide training which adheres to Canadian Criminal and Corporate Law. The necessity for current, updated and thoroughly Canadian standardized Investigative Interview training was identified by academic research, and personal interviews conducted by the ISN program developers with a thorough understanding that any legal investigation must follow the overall framework of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms; as well as the Canadian Criminal Code. The ISN Investigative Interviewing System's underlying philosophy lies in balancing the needs of thorough investigative interviewing while maintaining sensitivity and protecting the rights of those being interviewed. Successful interviewing......the Canadian way.

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