SOURCE: Green Chip Stocks

July 18, 2007 14:18 ET

Investing in Water - More Valuable Than Oil: Analyst

BALTIMORE, MD--(Marketwire - July 18, 2007) - If you think for one second that the most valuable commodity on this planet is oil, you'd be mistaken. Oil, no doubt, is precious. But it is used only as a fuel or additive for material goods.

Nick Hodge states in the investment advisory "Green Chip Review," "Water, on the other hand, is life-sustaining -- it has no substitute. We need water. We don't need oil, though we have backed ourselves into a pretty dicey position with it."

Hodge reports weekly in "Green Chip Review" on the coming water shortage and the companies and technologies that will help us to avoid a crisis while making significant profits in the process.

"And given the fact that fresh water is facing the same decline as oil -- if not worse -- surely its preservation will come with a premium," notes Hodge in his recent article on the topic. "Less than 2% of the water on earth is fresh water. And of that 2%, some is perpetually tied up as atmospheric moisture or frozen saturated soil (permafrost) that we can never use."

World population has doubled since 1950, but water use has tripled. If the population rises as predicted, by 2020 the world would need the equivalent of 20 Niles and 97 Colorado Rivers to meet increased demand.

"That's going to be difficult to come by. Especially when the World Commission for Water has already said that more than half of the world's rivers are now so polluted that they pose serious health risks," says Hodge.

According to Hodge, two questions remain: How are we going to solve this growing problem? And how are we going to profit from investing in water?

To learn more about Hodge's solutions to the water problem and learn how to invest in water, you can see him interviewed today at 4:40 EDT on live Canadian TV BNN Toronto, Canada. (

Hodge has also made available a free research report on the subject. To receive this free report as well as a free subscription to "Green Chip Review," you can click here.

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