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March 02, 2007 22:42 ET

Investing Systems: Big Market Drop Presents Perfect Opportunity for Stock Investing System That "Forces" Investors to Buy Low & Sell High

AMELIA ISLAND, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 2, 2007 -- Investing Systems Inc. announced today the technology for the strategic buying and selling of stock as well as the newest ETFs, IShares and Index Funds.

"Position Cost Averaging is a strategy for the long-term investor that forces them to buy low and sell high," said William McKinley, President of Investing Systems. "Our users have been selling into the bull market run since last July, now that the markets are pulling back a bit they are standing by to buy up the bargain shares."

The Position Cost Averaging stock investing system is a software tool-based on the book "How to Make $1,000,000 In the Stock Market Automatically," by Robert Lichello.

Originally printed in 1977, and re-printed several times since, the book contains a systematic technique for buying low and selling high every time.

The system is now a stand alone stock investing software application for all Windows-based operating systems.

Position Cost Averaging stock investing system is strategically buying into price weakness and selling into price rallies automatically compounding portfolio.

The Position Cost Averaging strategy is especially well suited to ETFs, Index Funds and IShares because when you are buying into price weakness, you want to avoid the kind of disastrous drops that can occur in individual stocks.

"Buying low and selling high has now been reduced to a mathematic certainty," McKinley continued. "Now we have the new ETFs available to further mitigate risk and make it even easier to manage your own portfolio."

Position Cost Averaging is a software system shipped on CD ROM along with a copy of the book "How to Make $1,000,000 In the Stock Market Automatically," by Robert Lichello.

Investors in more than seventy countries use Position Cost Averaging to manage their stock investing portfolios.

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