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June 06, 2013 09:51 ET

Investment and Placing Update

6 June 2013
                                            Angelfish Investments Plc
                                         ("Angelfish" or "the Company")
                                          Investment and Placing Update


Further  to the announcement made on 21 January 2013, Angelfish Investments Plc, an investment vehicle  company,
announces  that  the  Company  has  made a further investment of US$100,000  (the  "Investment")  in  One  Media
Enterprises Limited ("OME") through a further subscription for secured convertible loan notes ("Convertible Loan
Notes") in OME.

OneMedia  Partners Inc ("OneMedia"), a wholly owned US subsidiary of OME, entered into a letter of  intent  (the
"Letter  of  Intent")  with  Anuncio, LLC ("Anuncio") on 23 April 2013, in  relation  to  the  potential  future
appointment of Anuncio as an exclusive master reseller of OneMedia's computing tablets (the "Tablets")  for  the
purposes of selling the Tablets into the healthcare industry within the State of Texas, USA.

OneMedia,  a  developer of private label, purpose-built computing tablets and other mobile devices  has  entered
into  the Letter of Intent with Anuncio, with a view to distributing purpose-built tablets throughout the  Texas
State  healthcare marketplace, including hospital chains and physician's offices. The directors of  OME  believe
that  OneMedia's  specialised  Tablets have the potential to provide over  25,000  Texas  physicians  and  their
patients access to healthcare programme details, compliance information, patient training, patient feedback, and
other critical doctor/patient information.

Robert  Wagner, President and CEO of the OME group of companies commented "The Letter of Intent has been entered
into with the intention of forming a future partnership with Anuncio, which should allow our company to meet the
growing  demand  for  mobile computing tablets within the Texas healthcare industry. This partnership  marks  an
important milestone for OneMedia, following the recent investment in our company by Angelfish Investments plc."

Andrew  Flitcroft, Finance Director of Angelfish commented "This could be an exciting opportunity  for  OneMedia
and  accords with its business strategy of seeking to supply private label, purpose-built computing tablets  and
other mobile devices. This has the potential to pave the way for OneMedia to build on the relationships that  it
has  developed  in the supply chain and with interested parties, to achieve future tablet sales in  the  medical
arena and other markets looking for a tailored computing solution."

By  making the Investment, Angelfish is exercising its right to subscribe for the relevant number of Convertible
Loan Notes in accordance with the terms of the  subscription agreement entered into between Angelfish and OME in
May 2013.


On  25  March 2013, the Company announced a conditional placing (the "Placing") to raise gross proceeds  of  GBP
435,000.  The Company was due to receive all of the proceeds from the Placing on an extended settlement basis.

The  Company  received  gross proceeds of approximately GBP 235,000 from the Placing by the  due  date  but  the
Company's  broker  and  placing agent for the purposes of the Placing, SVS Securities  Plc  ("SVS")  experienced
delays in receiving proceeds of GBP 200,000 from one of the placees involved in the Placing (the "Placee"),  who
had agreed to subscribe for 160,000,000 new ordinary shares of 0.01p each ("Ordinary Shares") in the Placing.

The  Placee subsequently undertook to SVS to pay for the aforementioned Ordinary Shares, in full, by the end  of
May  2013  (the "Revised Payment Date"). SVS further agreed with Angelfish that, if payment was not received  by
this  date,  SVS  would re-place the new ordinary shares or, failing that, would itself subscribe  for  the  new
ordinary shares.  Payment had not been received by 31 May and accordingly, SVS has re-placed 89,812,800 Ordinary
Shares  with new placees and has itself subscribed for 70,187,200 new ordinary shares, on an extended settlement
basis (the "Revised Placing").

Following  completion of the Revised Placing ("Completion"), SVS will be the beneficial holder  of  a  total  of
70,937,200  Ordinary Shares, representing 70,937,200 voting rights and 9.99% of the voting rights in the  issued
ordinary share capital of the Company.

Following  Completion,  FHF Securities Limited will be the beneficial holder of a total of  89,812,800  Ordinary
Shares,  representing  89,812,800 voting rights and 12.65% of the voting rights in  the  issued  ordinary  share
capital of the Company.

Algaeron Limited has no interest in any Ordinary Shares in the Company.


OME  is  a  UK  incorporated holding company for a group of U.S. incorporated companies which are at pre-revenue
operating stages and are engaged in the development and marketing of computing tablets and other mobile devices.
OME's strategy is to focus on exploiting market niches to deliver private label, purpose-built tablets and other
mobile  devices.  OME's  strategy is also to provide customised hardware and software  technology  solutions  to
market  segments  which OME's directors believe are under-served and which enterprise factories  are  unable  to
service efficiently.

On  21 January 2013, Angelfish announced that the Company had made an initial investment of US$50,000 in OME via
a subscription for secured Convertible Loan Notes in OME.




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