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West Coast Wall Street Conference

October 12, 2011 11:47 ET

Investment Conferences Such as the West Coast Wall Street Conference Are Key to American Economic Recovery

100 Percent WCWSC OTCBB, Pink Sheet, NYSE: AMEX Presenters Show Positive Aggregate Movement After Debut in Newport Beach

NEWPORT BEACH, CA--(Marketwire - Oct 12, 2011) - The West Coast Wall Street Conference (division of the San Diego Investment Conference) debuted at the Balboa Bay Club last Wednesday and was a tremendous success. J'Amy Owens, CEO of Seattle OTCBB company Bill the Butcher, said, "The West Coast Wall Street Conference was a game changer for Bill the Butcher, in terms of meeting strategic alliances and boosting the volume of our stock. We are already committed to doing the next one in January."

Presenting company and sponsor, International Money Management represented by CEO Gil Figueroa said, "Gary E. Bryant's award is a fitting tribute to conferences as well as to all of Patrick Howell's other conferences. These conferences are the front line of the emerging businesses of all kinds. It allows companies like ours to present our products and services to interested and engaged investors. We are really proud to participate in the West Coast Wall Street Conference."

Lifetime achievement award recipient Gary E. Bryant accepted his honor in front of a capacity sold out audience of friends, colleagues and associates, including event luncheon sponsor Greenberg and Truarig, LLP. Mr. Bryant flew in for the day from his ranch with Southwest Investment Association President JD Kerr and Executive Director Steve Jones. The event was live broadcast by Bob 'Sully' Sullivan and Russ T. Nailz of the Big Biz Radio Show to nearly 2 million listeners via Fox Business Radio, CBS radio and other networks.

Mr. Bryant, a 50 year veteran of the microcap sector and founding member of the National Investment Banker's Association, advocated for national microcap conferences series in his acceptance speech, "How do these companies get the word out and raise capital? The trend is to go to conferences like this, make your presentations and follow up on the conferences. This is what is working today."

Some of the brokerage houses and financiers represented in the room were Athena Capital Partners, Monarch Bay Associates, JM Capital, Hallmark Venture Group, SC Capital, CapFlow Funding, Magness Oil LLC, Paulson Investment Company, Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo Securities. There were also numerous accredited investors, angel investors from Southern California as well as mainland China to listen to the presentation of resource and select companies.

US Energy was an award sponsor for the event. Reggie Larson, director of investor relations for US Energy, said, "On behalf of U.S. Energy Corp. we fully appreciate his (Mr. Bryant's) support in our endeavors since we met him a couple years ago at the SCIA conference. Gary has had a wonderful career and I personally would like to thank (Mr. Howell) for the opportunity to participate in this and for honoring him in this way."

Final lineup for the show included

T3 Motion (NYSE: TTTM) ( T3 Motion, Inc. was born on the cutting-edge. The California-based company's commitment to the vision and creative application of technological advances has culminated in their specialized expertise to enhance the personal mobility market. President Kelly Anderson presented.

Bill the Butcher out of Seattle (OTCBB: BILB) ( Bill the Butcher believes in supporting sustainable farming practices and working with local farmers and ranchers who raise beef, pork and poultry without hormones, steroids and genetically modified feed. CEO J'Amy Owens presented.

Tech 7 ( The focus of Tech 7 is to supply the highest quality automation to the wholesale travel industry; President Richard Dickieson presented.

OneTouch EMR ( One Touch EMR is the next generation touch screen Electronic Medical Record. President Dr. Robert Abbate.

Mr. Howell, founder of the West Coast Wall Street Conference, said of the event, "October 4th and October 5th were a tremendous two days for American economic recovery in the Southern California microcap markets with no less than 5 events around capital market formation and business development. Ben Doherty packed a capacity audience with Turtle Creek Club at the La Jolla Shores Hotel. Alan Stone and the Wall Street Research group had their first Southern California Investment Forum at the Pacific Club in Newport Beach and Luxe Hotel in Beverly Hills. Marc Anthony had a wonderful Cufflinks Networking event in San Diego. And, of course, there was our West Coast Wall Street Conference.

"For the West Coast Wall Street Conference, shares of T3 Motion, Green Hunter Energy and Bill the Butcher have all respectively rose by an average 15% less than two days after the event. Less than 5 business days after the event 100% of all of West Coast Wall Street's OTCBB, Pink Sheet companies, NYSE and AMEX companies increased in price and volume. Last week, when the Dow Jones, NASDAQ and S&P hit lows, our select presenters on the OTCBB and NYSE won. This is the bottom line for companies seeking exposure."

Robert Cashman, president of Hallmark Venture Group, said of the event, "I have attended two of [Mr. Howell's conferences -- the San Diego Investment Conference and the West Coast Wall Street Conference. I found them to be the mother lode for our venture capital firm looking for real opportunities. The presentations were short, to the point, and very informative -- it made it easy to screen the applicants and pick out the choice prospects for our investments."

While the latest national job reports have caused concern amongst pundits and economists, other lead indicators demonstrate recovery is imminent once Americans face their challenges. Within the state of California for example, California economic recovery will accelerate once the housing market is dealt with. Principal economist for the California State Department of Finance Dennis Myers has said, "As measured by real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the years leading up to the Great Recession, California's economy grew faster than that of the largest industrial nations, including the U.S." The debut California Financial Times (Publication of the San Diego Investment Conference) will publish these results in its' forthcoming November issue.

The San Diego Investment Conference will host its year end anniversary event Nov. 12th at the Lodge at Torrey Pines in La Jolla. California State Senator Mimi Walters will keynote on capital market formation and small businesses -- her professional career has included time with the firm of Drexel, Burnham & Lambert as an Investment Executive and then subsequently joining Kidder Peabody & Company.

Line up for the Nov. 12th show includes:

Mosquito Consolidated (TSX-V: MSQ) (

Eagle Ford Oil and Gas (OTCBB: ECCE) (

Reading International (NASDAQ: RDI) (

Phoenix American Hospitality LLC, Fund Manager (

Sutter Gold Mining (TSX-V: SGM) (

Oraco Resources (OTCBB: ORAC) (

Service Team Company (

Awards will be given for best company performance and best company presentation throughout 2012 as well as the 2011 founding conference. Sutter Gold Mining, Clear Peak Energy, Ovagene Oncology, T3 Motion, True Diagnostics and Your Offers are finalists are currently being considered by SDIC management, analysts and advisory board for best company.

Mr. Howell concludes, "We need to stop talking ourselves into the psychological paradigm of analysis paralysis. There is no conflict. All this 'Republicans said/ Democrats did' discourse is just silly talk. Capital will flow back into the markets and jobs will be created when we, Americans, feel better about ourselves.

"The 10K/1M crowd funding exemption initiative that is taking seed in the Security Exchange Commission and the White House as part of the American Jobs Act is an excellent idea. It is not dissimilar to the SEC's 504 program of the 80's under President Ronald Regan, a program which Mr. Bryant strongly advocates based upon Anderson and Bryant's successful tenure in the 80s. Companies as Berqcle fashion by designer Estrella Cristina will lead the way for a new day in global commerce. Ease of capital flow into the micro cap markets is essential to a healthy Free Market Capitalism. America is going to be stronger than ever in her 300 year history. This is just a fact of this 21st Century.

"When I was a boy, my father, a professor at Stanford University, forecast times like these in our national life. We are experiencing the effects of decades of extreme irresponsibility and gross negligence. We need to get close up to the mirror take a look at our faces, face facts and love ourselves. Folks have just been trippin'."

DISCLAIMER: The WCWSC assists small to mid-sized emerging-growth public and private companies in gaining exposure and creating funding awareness. WCWSC conferences are intended to provide FINRA broker/dealers, investment bankers, investment advisors, analysts, financial managers, fund managers, institutions, media and accredited investors with a forum for networking and communication.

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