April 06, 2011 13:00 ET

Investment in Technology Ensures Accuracy of Telemarketing Campaigns, Confirms Phruit

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - April 6, 2011) - Investing in the correct technology is vital to be able to provide cost effective and accurate campaigns, according to Phruit, a leading provider of telemarketing services. The company believes such investment brings efficiencies which ultimately translate as lower costs for clients, while ensuring tangible results. As a medium-sized business that regularly invests in technology, Phruit is able to offer a high level of service commensurate with that of a much larger company.

Many large service providers operate on 'cloud' based systems which offer reliability, flexibility and security. Being a medium sized provider, Phruit invested in this technology to ensure clients are getting the optimum service at the most competitive rates.

Shashank Pande of Phruit, commented, "The technology available to us now is significant. It allows many functions to be fulfilled more reliably and cost-effectively than ever before. In addition to the 'cloud' based systems affording us flexibility in terms of access and maintaining security, technological advances in contact centre management systems allow multi-channel communication. Phone calls, email, text and web chat are all possible through one system, so campaigns can be tailored to the audience and their preferred method of communication, facilitating a better response rate. These types of systems also offer auto-dialling and auto-script - therefore minimising downtime of the call centre operator and allowing more efficient use of their time. These cost-saving processes benefit the client, as we can offer a cost-effective approach to their campaign by passing on savings."

Phruit refers to this as 'intelligent' management – which in addition, allows the company to provide the relevant level of information at the end of a campaign. This can then help clients evaluate a campaign and in turn, prepare subsequent strategies. 

Shashank concludes, "Larger contact centres may offer these services, but they can also have higher overheads which impacts on the client. We believe our approach allows us to be more streamlined and competitive in these times of cost consciousness. Cost is a significant driver for many business decisions. Through the latest technology, we achieve cost effective results without compromising on the level of service."

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