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Briggs Equipment

May 02, 2012 04:00 ET

Investment into UK Supply Chain Welcomed By Business Leader

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - May 2, 2012) - Reports of investment into the manufacturing supply chain have been welcomed by business leader Richard Close, who believes it is the backbone of British economy. Richard, the CEO of Briggs Equipment, feels that the focus in the UK on building up its financial services sector in the last few decades has been short-sighted, and the recognition of the need to invest in the supply chain is a huge step forward.

"Investment in manufacturing and the trade of actually 'making things' has decreased considerably over the years. Recent news reports of money being injected into the manufacturing supply chain indicate the importance of this area to the UK economy. For instance, the announcement by Nissan that the production of its new car will take place in Sunderland, creating a further 900 jobs in the supply chain, also indicates that this is a strengthening sector," said Richard, a business turnaround specialist.

Richard firmly believes the efficiency of the UK's supply chain is keeping the country afloat, and will ensure continued success. The automotive sector is a key player in this. A recent meeting of business leaders, industry experts, policy makers and stakeholder representatives for the UK's automotive supply chain included leading players such as Jaguar Land Rover. They outlined the emerging opportunities for UK suppliers following JLR's recently announced £355 million investment into a new facility in the Midlands to manufacture low emission engines.

Richard added: "The Government's recognition of this area has been confirmed with a third round of the Regional Growth Fund - a fund available to support economic regeneration - as well as the newly created £125 million 'Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative' - both providing funding opportunities for every level of the supply chain."

Briggs Equipment, a leading materials handling equipment supplier, enjoyed a tenfold profit increase in 2011 under Richard's management, and he has achieved business transformation for three other loss-making companies, turning them into multi-million pound profit generators. He is a firm believer in employee empowerment and challenging culture to effect positive change to support business turnaround.

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