November 21, 2011 11:38 ET

Investors Add Cash to Portfolio

New Financial Tools Allows for Constant Liquidity

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Nov. 21, 2011) - Financial planning is not as straightforward as it used to be. Gone are the days of guaranteed pensions or secure 401k retirement funds. With market corrections and recessions occurring with more frequency, finding that safe option is becoming more and more difficult. Every day more investors are turning to the binary options industry to add that cash stream to their portfolios. To that end, 24option has built a platform that allows traders to trade binary options with confidence and ease so that traders can instantly earn high return on their investment. Martin Jones, a senior analyst at 24option, agrees, "Investors are attracted to our site because of the instantly accessible profit that that they can earn in just minutes."

Conventional wisdom states that to have a successful portfolio, one needs to have a diverse portfolio so that risk is spread amongst many different investments and thus minimized. But in order to achieve such diversity, one must be actively searching out new investment opportunities. Binary options are very attractive since they offer very high return instantly and results can often be tied to news and fiscal reports.

24option understands this very well which is why on every binary option trade they link relevant news articles from Yahoo Finance and continually updated performance charts. These tools, along with 24option's extensive trader resource center and the internet's most stable platform, allow 24option's traders to invest with confidence.

So how do binary options allow for added diversity to any investment portfolio? Binary options are predictions on how a stock, index, commodity, or forex pairing will perform over a certain period. Will the asset go up or down? The limitation of only two choices gives binary options is reflected in their names. The relative simplicity of the options coupled with the high return on investment has allowed this industry to prosper even when the rest of the market falters. A binary option is a prediction on how an asset will perform, so a trader does not need to invest in the actual asset just in the prediction. This allows binary option traders to trade on Google without having to buy the expensive Google stock. Short expiry times on the options allow traders to profit immediately after the option expires, so profits are instantaneous and not delayed until the end of the fiscal quarter.

24option is online binary option platform that provides its clients with the industry's most stable platform for trading binary options. Headquartered in London, the global finance center, 24option provides its traders with a diverse asset base and superior customer service to ensure that traders have the best trading experience possible.

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