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August 17, 2011 08:00 ET

Investors Dial 888 for Luck, Says Investment Think Tank

- Online wealth network offers rattled investors good advice and good luck -

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Aug. 17, 2011) -

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InvesTank 888, a global investment think tank, today launched an online wealth network that allows affluent investors to collaborate and discuss investment strategies with world-class experts in a confidential environment. While InvesTank 888 believes collaboration is the key to making better investments in turbulent markets, the company also aims to provide its members with luck – a factor described by titans Richard Branson, Donald Trump and John Kluge as having played a key role in their success.

"In today's financial environment, investors need to create their own luck. We believe that happens when preparation meets opportunity," said Vincent Tsang, InvesTank 888 Founder. "InvesTank 888 members saw the latest market collapse coming and together were able to prepare for it, and to seize opportunities before the markets corrected."

Tsang considers himself lucky, having negotiated the sale of his first company, Infocheck, to a NASDAQ firm during a bull market in 2004. After reading an interview in which John Kluge paid respect to his own luck in business, Tsang made the decision to include the number eight in the InvesTank 888 name. The choice was inspired by the widely held belief that the number 8 represents luck and fortune. Tsang cites the Beijing Olympics opening at 8pm on 8/8/08 as an example of a large organization's reverence for the tradition but encourages investors to balance their investment luck with investment knowledge.

"InvesTank 888 members have constant access to a Personal Investment Board made up of 15 highly successful individuals, and our Speaker Series allows members to directly discuss their investments with world-class experts," said Tsang. "Harnessing these kinds of non-biased relationships is a key factor in protecting and growing capital in today's volatile markets."

Tsang knows about investing in tumultuous times. In the wake of 2007 U.S. market declines he brought together a small group of successful entrepreneurs and executives to discuss their investment strategies. Since then, the group has spread to New York, Boston, Toronto, Ottawa and Tel-Aviv and now includes executives at financial, law and accounting firms. Most members manage over 50% of their portfolios and each has investable assets greater than $250,000. The annual fee for InvesTank 888 is $3000.00.

The next expert in the InvesTank 888 Speaker Series is Ross Healy, CEO, Strategic Analysis Corporation. Mr. Healy will speak to InvesTank 888 members on September 7, 2011.

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InvesTank 888 is a peer-to-peer wealth network that harnesses the collective knowledge of savvy, sophisticated investors. Through its Speaker Series and a constant flow of information and resources, the company transforms affluent investors into trusted peers. Through the InvesTank 888 platform, members confidentially share ideas, evaluate investments and interact with world-class experts to make world-class decisions.

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