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October 26, 2015 05:30 ET

Investors, What 2 Benefits Can You Receive From EPIC's Source of Value

Receive Your AcuFab® Gift From RX Healthcare

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - October 26, 2015) -


EPIC +The Dividend Company" (OTC PINK: EPOR) ("EPIC") and Ronald S. Tucker, its CEO, announced that, "The source of EPIC's value is its Worldwide Exclusive License to the design patented (Patent No: US D701,701S) AcuFab® spacer fabric (Patent No: US D701, 701S) an Industrial and Medical Textile. AcuFab® products will provide you with better health and by purchasing undervalued EPIC securities you will receive an ROI, separate from an appreciation in value."

"RX Healthcare Systems, Ltd., 'The AcuFab® Company' is providing you with the gift of an Universal AcuPAD™," said Mr. Tucker. "Both EPIC and RX Healthcare want you to experience the effectiveness of the AcuFab® fabric. You will have until December 23, 2015, to request the gift or as long as the Universal AcuPAD™ is in inventory."

The Universal AcuPAD™ has many functions. It can be an exercise pad, a meditation pad, a message pad, a seat and chair pad for the office, home, and car, a foot message pad, a partial overlay support surface, etc.

The Universal AcuPAD™ is one of many healthcare products made with AcuFAB® and distributed and sold by RX Healthcare under an exclusive license for North America granted by EPIC, its parent company.

About AcuFab®

AcuFAB® is a space fabric with a unique and proprietary design and architecture. AcuFAB®'s architecture consists of 100% polyester yarn knitted into alternating ridges and channels. The ridges are rigid fibers that provide limited pressure points against the acupressure points in the body and the bodies surface tissues. The ridges provide a pressure resistance and a directed transport of fluids from the bodies surface tissues which makes possible the transport of heat, and there is no top textile to restrict air flow. There is significant natural air permeability due to AcuFAB® being made of single knitted synthetic fibers. The transport of fluids and heat through the channels and around the ridges creates a micro-climate. The ridges by applying pressure against the acupressure points of the body give a natural, gentle massage effect. The ridges never lose their shape, cave in or mat. The channels apply no pressure against the bodies surface tissues allowing for micro-climate features with natural air-permeability to prevent overheating and sweating of the skin. This allows more blood carrying oxygen to reach the surface tissues with a natural air flow within the fabric that helps maintain a more temperate body temperature. The AcuFAB® spacer fabric is machine washable and machine dry-able.

About RX Healthcare

RX Healthcare "The AcuFAB Company" is a development stage company and a majority owned subsidiary of EPIC. RX Healthcare's business is to acquire and/or manufacture, market, distribute and sell AcuFAB® products. It is seeking independent third parties to become manufacturer representatives to sell AcuFAB® products. To grow its business more rapidly, it plans to enter into joint ventures with other independent companies selling synergistic products.

About EPIC

EPIC "The Dividend Company" is an "Outside-The-Box" private company. EPIC has paid stock dividends in its own and other companies common stock, created a preferred stock that pays quarterly dividends in its own common stock, make two voluntary exchange offers to its market investors of common stock for preferred stock, declares special dividends in free trading securities of other Outside-The-Box private publicly traded companies, and provides both real and market opportunities for a ROI?

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