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June 15, 2016 15:19 ET

Invincea First Machine Learning Based Endpoint Security Company to Join Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization (AMTSO™)

By Participating With AMTSO, Invincea Takes a Leadership Position in Collaboration and Intelligence Sharing Between Next-Generation and Traditional Security Vendors

FAIRFAX, VA--(Marketwired - June 15, 2016) - Invincea, the leader in advanced endpoint threat protection, announced today that it is the first machine learning based endpoint security company to join the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization (AMTSO™). Participation in AMTSO furthers Invincea's mission of addressing the global need for improvement in third party testing based on scientific objectivity, quality, and relevance of anti-malware testing methodologies.

Hundreds of millions of new pieces of malware are created a year, wreaking havoc on enterprises across industries against the backdrop of obsolete anti-malware approaches. To combat the scourge of malware that evades traditional anti-malware systems, the next-gen endpoint security market has exploded with new companies bringing products to market with fantastic claims. To date, these companies have not been held accountable to their marketing claims by independent scientifically valid testing on the merits of their product technology and approaches. A lack of accepted test methodologies and procedures has allowed vendors to say "we use artificial intelligence, just trust us" rather than publishing peer-reviewed quantitative performance results that back up their claims. The result is a confused buying landscape for enterprises and agencies based on advertising and marketing budgets, rather than on efficacy of solutions. This ultimately increases the risk of potential breaches by deploying unproven solutions.

In today's adversarial environment, security products must be measured based on a vendor's ability to detect previously unknown malware simultaneously with measuring false positive rates and performance overhead -- publishing any one without the others is a false statement of overall performance and effectiveness, and indicative of marketing trumping science. The importance of scientifically developed approaches to this testing cannot be understated and the role of third party vetted testing over vendor marketing is critical to the success of our industry. Invincea's heritage of DARPA-funded research and development, now embodied in the deep learning algorithms in its X by Invincea product, makes it a natural leader and advocate of scientific third party validation of scientifically developed approaches to combatting cyber threats. By joining AMTSO, Invincea is excited to contribute its scientific expertise in contributing to industry standards for testing next generation anti-malware products.

"Invincea is proud not only to be among the prestigious list of AMTSO member companies, but also to begin contributing in these industry-wide discussions to force a fair and objective test methodology for all endpoint security vendors," said Invincea COO Norm Laudermilch. "Making meaningful progress against today's business threats requires security companies to collaborate and share intelligence for the greater good. By joining AMTSO, we aim to help improve the security landscape for everyone and our hope is that other next-gen vendors will follow suit."

"We are pleased to welcome Invincea to our organization, as they join the growing number of technology leaders in our industry committed to driving global improvement in anti-malware solution testing," said Righard Zwienenberg, President and CEO of AMTSO.

Security is an issue that every enterprise faces. It is a community problem, but while the antivirus (AV) industry has collaborated and shared intelligence for years to address security problems, advanced threat vendors have not followed suit. The effectiveness of legacy AV products has waned and many advanced threat vendors shun community efforts and third party testing to avoid being held accountable for marketing claims. As a result, the security industry does not benefit from their added intelligence, nor from an understanding of the true efficacy of these next gen products. However, the importance of sharing information and providing cumulative threat intel to the security community is more important than ever. Today, we need the collective force of next-generation vendors to increase the effectiveness of security intelligence. By joining AMTSO, Invincea aims to kick-start this trend in the industry.

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