February 17, 2009 09:09 ET

InXpo Launches Virtual Sales Kick-Off Meetings

Providing Cost-Effective, Strategic Sales Training Needed in a Tough Economy

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - February 17, 2009) - InXpo announced today the unveiling of its Virtual Sales Kick-Off Meeting solution, just one of the many Virtual Corporate Events that InXpo, the leading provider of privately-branded virtual events, can provide as more and more companies are forced to slash travel budgets.

InXpo's Virtual Sales Kick-Off Meetings will save corporations the time and cost of travel while providing them with a cost-effective and creative way to reward and train their sales force and partners, training that's never been more critical. These Virtual Sales Meetings will provide all the amenities traditionally associated with physical sales meetings:

--  Virtual Resort or Office Setting
--  Virtual Sales Conference Center
--  Break-Out Sessions: covering products, compensation/quotas and HR
--  Auditorium: live, interactive individual and panel webcast
    presentations and Top Performers' Awards
--  Resource Center: access product literature, sales kits, white papers
    and case studies
--  Lounge: meet and "chat" with co-workers, partners and product experts
    during breaks

InXpo's Virtual Sales Kick-Off Meetings will provide all the metrics that physical sales meetings often fail to deliver through data tracking and reporting on all salesperson activity. Also, salespeople will learn best practices through networking and collaboration by utilizing:

--  Text chat
--  Video chat
--  Group chat with Moderated, Scheduled, Private and Public formats
--  Blogs
--  Message forums
--  Interactive presentation polling
--  Ratings which promote the most valued content
--  Surveys

"Not only do Virtual Sales Kick-Off Meetings save corporations the time and cost of travel, they increase productivity, since attendees participate in these secure, online events from their desktop computers, never leaving their offices and losing time on current sales opportunities," said Malcolm Lotzof, CEO of InXpo. "Plus, Virtual Sales Kick-Off Meetings then go On Demand, providing an online reference center."

The InXpo Sales Kick-Off Meetings solution is based on InXpo's leading and award-winning Virtual Business Platform that also provides for many other Virtual Corporate Events. Though a new product offering from InXpo, The Virtual Sales Kick-Off Meetings have already been deployed by a number of our large corporate customers that have resulted in significant travel cost savings and a rewarding experience for the participants.

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InXpo is the leading provider of privately-branded virtual events, including Virtual Trade Shows, Virtual Career Fairs and Virtual Corporate Events, as well as Audio and Video Webcasts. These virtual solutions dramatically reduce travel time and related costs, in addition to making the world a greener place to live. InXpo's Virtual Events provide Publishers with new online revenue opportunities and Corporations with the ability to generate leads, communicate, educate and network by connecting more effectively with their communities. The company is headquartered in Chicago. For more information, visit

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