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October 10, 2005 09:15 ET

IoGold Systems Inc. Becomes Authorized ScaleGuard Distributor in the Agricultural Sector

CORUNNA, ON -- (MARKET WIRE) -- October 10, 2005 -- Megola Inc. (OTC BB: MGOA), a leading environmental solution provider in physical water treatment, air purification, microbiological control, and wastewater treatment, is pleased to announce that IoGold Systems Inc. has become an authorized distributor of the ScaleGuard technology. Focusing on their already considerable presence in the Agricultural sector, IoGold will hold distribution rights to ScaleGuard throughout North America. The agreement came into effect October 1, 2005.

About IoGold:

IoGold Systems Inc. ( is in the business of providing water quality management systems and services to the animal livestock industry using iodine-based technologies and water treatment know-how developed by its parent, IoSolutions Incorporated. The IoGold System has been registered by the US Environmental Protection Agency for use with chickens and turkeys and by Health Canada for use with chickens, turkeys and hogs. The technology is protected by a series of US patents that have been filed internationally in all of the major meat-producing countries in the world.

"There is growing awareness in the livestock industry of the role good quality water plays in performance. Undesirable levels of bacteria, viruses, minerals, or chemicals are detrimental to animal health and grower profitability. IoGold Systems employs the very best technologies from around the world to cost-effectively treat and adjust source water to conform to the right profile for poultry drinking water. We are pleased to include the Megola Scaleguard product in our inventory of treatment technologies," states Terry Mullins, President of IoGold Systems Inc.

"Megola has had great success with ScaleGuard within the agricultural industry, however, finding the appropriate distributor and distribution network has been our challenge. We have definitely found a valuable partner in IoGold," adds Joel Gardner, CEO of Megola Inc.

Poultry Industry:

In the estimated $20 billion poultry industry, growers and integrators continually search for technologies that will reduce the cost to produce a pound of live weight. Technologies that enhance water quality will provide a competitive edge and increase profits to poultry growers in a fiercely competitive industry, both today and in the future.

As the world population escalates into the 21st century (6 billion in 1999), food production must improve in order to meet market demands in terms of both quantity and quality. Good animal health is a prerequisite to producing a quality product for processing and consumption. Disease and the stress of disease impair productivity, reduce profitability and represent a potential human health hazard.

There are three essential interdependent requirements for producing healthy animals -- air, feed and water. Producers have adopted good barn management practices to ensure that animals breathe clean air and eat high-quality feed, but have generally ignored the quality of barn-level drinking water.

Megola in the Industry:

Megola Inc., with its ScaleGuard technology, has been successful in treating hardwater problems for small and large-scale poultry operations. With the removal of scale in the water supply lines and nipple drinkers, producers have seen positive results in the way of increased numbers of marketable eggs, labour cost savings from no longer requiring manual equipment descaling, and increased bird weight due to clear nutrient supply lines.

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