November 13, 2015 12:23 ET

IoT Expert Jason Hope Comments on Fortune Article About Warnings and Risk of Ignoring Internet of Things

In a Recent Article Highlighting Fortune's Global Forum, Fortune Warns Businesses of the Risks of Irrelevancy Associated With Not Adapting to the Internet of Things

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwired - November 13, 2015) - Fortune recently posted a video warning businesses against ignoring the Internet of Things, that growing push to connect more and more items to the Internet. The article was published in response to Fortune's Global Forum, held November 2. Jason Hope, futurist and entrepreneur from Arizona, believes that the article and the forum hit on important risks businesses face if they ignore this technological revolution.

According to Jonathan Vanian's (@JonathanVanian) article entitled, "Ignore the Internet of Things at Your Own Risk," published on November 2, Executive Chairman and former CEO John Chambers indicated he believed the Internet of Things would consist of around 500 billion devices by 2025. With other analysts claiming a number of 25 billion, Chambers' estimate is a generous one, Fortune points out.

At Fortune's Global Forum ,Chambers said that he believed 40 percent of the companies would not be in business in a "meaningful way" over the next decade because technology is changing so rapidly. Gavin Petterson, CEO of BT Group, agreed with Chambers' diagnosis of the situation, indicating his own company had found it necessary to reinvent itself to keep up with changing technology.

Jason Hope believes that these two have hit on some important points. "Will I say that a major company like CISCO won't be here in 10 years? No, but I will say that they won't be as relevant if they don't make changes now to adapt to the changing world of technology."

"As the forum and the Fortune article pointed out," continued Hope, "failing to adapt to technology, and that includes the Internet of Things, is going to turn into a recipe for failure in the coming years and months."

According to Fortune and Jason Hope, the Internet of Things is here to stay, and those companies who do not recognize it and adapt accordingly may become irrelevant very soon.

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Jason Hope resides in Arizona, where he watches the growth and development of the Internet of Things and technology with great interest. He believes in the power of technology to change the face of the future, and the day-to-day life of people. Learn more about his work at

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