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December 03, 2015 13:55 ET

IoT Expert Jason Hope Comments on Tech Republic Article Indicating Cities Will Be First to Benefit From IoT

In Response to a Recent Tech Republic Article on theTopic, Jason Hope Indicates That Cities Could Be the Next Place Where an Impact of the Growing Internet of Things Is Seen

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwired - December 03, 2015) - Tech Republic makes the claim that cities could be the first place a true benefit of the Internet of Things is clearly seen in a recently published article quoting Google's Vint Cerf. Jason Hope, futurist and entrepreneur from Arizona, agrees, stating that the technology needs to evolve a bit more, but if it does then cities will become more wired and connected in the very near future.

In the November 5 article entitled "Cities first to benefit from Internet of Things, if we can write better software," Dan Patterson of Tech Republic quotes Vint Cerf, who recently led a panel discussing the topic. According to Cerf and other panel members, the Internet of Things shows major potential to help cities, and urban areas may be the first places where a true benefit is seen. With connected devices delivering data, smart energy grids allowing urban areas to be more efficient and connected technology improving traffic and public transportation, cities have many benefits to gain.

Yet Cerf cautions on one potential problem, and that is the fact that connected technology must run on software that, as of yet, has not been bug-proofed. Cerf cautioned developers to make plans in line with the realities of networking complexity, rather than jumping into the fray with expectations that were too high. Before urban centers can truly benefit, greater security standards to protect personal data must be in place.

"Cerf and the panel raise interesting points," says Jason Hope. "While the potential for great benefit is there in the urban setting when the Internet of Things comes into the mix, the reality is that developers must overcome the bugs, security risks and other hurdles still plaguing the industry before that benefit can be realized."

If those problems can be overcome, cities that can tap into device data and network it on a large scale will be able to improve their service delivery to residents and visitors, while also improving efficiency, limiting brownouts and improving public transportation.

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