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February 23, 2012 08:15 ET

iovation Finds Cyber Fraud Never Sleeps; Reports Most Dangerous Hours for 2011

To Combat 24-7 Cybercrime, iovation Launches Own Active-Active Environment to Ensure Maximum Availability for Its Fraud Prevention Services

PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwire - Feb 23, 2012) - iovation, the Device Reputation Authority™ protecting online businesses from fraud and abuse, has announced some of the most dangerous times of day for cyber fraud in 2011. For the countries that led in global fraud rates, the hours when iovation stopped the largest amount of abuse were as follows:

  • 1am local time in Ghana (5pm PST) -- the number one online fraud offender
  • 6am local time in Nigeria (9pm PST) -- the number two fraud offender
  • 3am local time in the Philippines (11am PST) -- the number three online fraud offender

The company came to its conclusions using data from more than two billion transactions protected in 2011 through its ReputationManager 360 solution which identifies computers, mobile phones and tablets used to commit fraud.

"Unlike brick and mortar businesses, companies with online storefronts are open for business 24x7 and therefore susceptible to fraud around the clock," said Greg Pierson, CEO and co-founder at iovation. "As a leader in combating this never-ending crime cycle, we have just launched 'active-active' data centers that service data requests in real time from geographically distributed servers -- ensuring maximum uptime."

By primarily processing data in real time and in an active-active state (rather than active-standby), not only is single-point failure avoided, but even the delay from failover to a secondary facility is minimized. Data is replicated between data centers such that each facility can answer any customer queries with up-to-date information about devices associated with past fraud or abuse across iovation's shared device intelligence network. Utilizing this shared information, iovation is able to stop known offenders and predict whether or not new devices will be used to commit fraud.

"The traditional delivery model isn't good enough for critical cloud services, so iovation built our own distributed active-active environment," said Scott Waddell, Vice President of Technology at iovation. "This allows us to scale horizontally while optimizing performance and availability for our clients."

"The ultimate panacea of the always-on, always-available infrastructure for many companies is an active-active architecture," wrote senior analyst Rachel A. Dines at Forrester Research, Inc., one of the world's most respected independent research firms. "Active-active configurations come in many flavors, but ultimately, the architecture includes two sets of infrastructure, often geographically separated, that can load balance a single workload so that if one site is lost, the other continues to deliver the service. While they can be complex to manage and configure and won't be possible for all types of applications, active-active architectures are nonetheless extremely effective at preventing downtime and improving resiliency."1

1 "Building The Always-On, Always-Available Extended Enterprise," Forrester Research, February 1, 2012

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