SOURCE: Thomas J. Strub, D.D.S., P.C.

Thomas J. Strub, D.D.S., P.C.

April 25, 2013 06:01 ET

Iowa Dentist Uses Tooth Whitening to Combat Signs of Aging

Dr. Thomas Strub Offers His Iowa Dentistry Patients At-Home, Professional-Strength Whitening Treatments With Individually Customized Trays to Brighten Teeth and Remove Stains

CEDAR FALLS, IA--(Marketwired - Apr 25, 2013) - Dr. Thomas Strub addresses both his patients' practical and aesthetic concerns at his Iowa cosmetic dentistry practice. He estimates that out of all of his patients, about 25-40% opt for teeth whitening procedures.

According to Dr. Strub, the natural aging process is the most common cause for tooth discoloration. He says as people grow older, their teeth grow grey or yellow as the nerves back down the root of the tooth and more yellow dentin is permitted to form. The Iowa dentist adds that in addition to age, stains from smoking, chewing tobacco, tea, coffee, and red wine are also common causes of tooth discoloration. Even some medications -- particularly tetracycline -- are known to cause teeth to change color.

At Dr. Strub's practice, he has been offering his patients a new office-monitored home bleaching treatment that he says quickly and easily whitens and brightens teeth. The treatment utilizes small, customized trays made from impressions taken of each patient's teeth. Patients apply the whitening gel inside of their customized trays and wear them for an hour or two each day at home. During the process, patients check back in with Dr. Strub so that the results can be monitored.

During a consultation, Dr. Strub and the patient discuss the shade of white that the treatment will aim toward. When patients first visit the office, Dr. Strub uses a color guide to match the current color of the patient's teeth and uses that shade as a reference point to determine a target shade.

Weekly appointments monitor the patient's progress and allow Dr. Strub and the patient to track the changes until the patient is satisfied with the results. The Iowa dentist notes that some patients stop the process early because they are happy with the brightness they have already achieved while other patients wish to extend the process longer to achieve a lighter color. "Ultimately," says Dr. Strub, "teeth whitening is a completely customizable aesthetic that varies from patient to patient."

Ultimately, Dr. Strub has found that home bleaching treatments are far more long-lived than in-office bleaching. He says the results of in-office treatments tend to fade after a period of time, while the home bleaching treatments provide stable, long-lasting results. Other advantages to the home treatments are a reduction in tooth sensitivity during the process and the ability for the patients to apply touch-up treatments whenever needed or desired. In the end, Dr. Strub says he has found that his patients are excited and surprised when they see how youthful their smiles look after treatment.

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Dr. Thomas Strub is a graduate of the University of Iowa and earned dental degree from the University of Iowa School of Dentistry. He participates in a variety of volunteer work, from international mission trips to local mission work. Additionally is he is a member of a number of prestigious dental organizations including the American Dental Association, the Iowa Dental Association, and more. Dr. Strub is available for interview upon request.

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