Elite Home Theater Seating

Elite Home Theater Seating

August 11, 2010 09:00 ET

iPad Chair Now Offered by Elite Home Theater Seating

Elite Home Theater Seating Offers Up an Ergonomically Designed Chair Specifically Custom Tailored for Optimum iPad Use

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Aug. 11, 2010) -

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Sitting in the sleek new "iPad Chair" designed by Elite Home Theater Seating, it's hard not to feel a bit like a Star Fleet Officer on the bridge of the Enterprise as you stare into a big beautiful touch panel. As the whisper quiet motor reclines the seat back while raising the foot rest, you are swaddled by the ergonomically designed chair. Strategically placed lumbar support, elbow positioning, and a seat cushion normally found in a European sports car, all combine to help create the ultimate iPad experience.

With the Luxa2 H4 iPad holder firmly securing the remarkable device in its tight grasp with its 6 rubber pins, you can now wield the power of the iPad in total relaxation with both hands free. The holder slides into the existing cupholder of the Elite HTS chair, and can then swivel and pivot 360 degrees. In addition, the iPad can be rotated vertically or horizontally, and can even be positioned flat like a table. Like malleable modeling clay, a dynamic mechanical joint hinge holds any position, and delivers all the pivoting action.

Company Founder and CEO Bobby Bala of Elite Home Theater Seating explains why he was inspired to create a more relaxing iPad experience. "The iPad is a user friendly, relaxing tool that allows you to complete tasks in a fun, efficient, and enjoyable way. The one drawback however, is that it can be a bit difficult to find the optimum ergonomic position when using it, especially since one hand is usually required to hold it. We wanted to enhance the iPad experience by increasing the comfort level of the user. Our testing indicates this increases the level of interaction and escapism with the device."

In addition to sitting back and reading a digital copy of the New York Times, or listening to your favourite music, the chair also becomes command central for providing complete home automation through the iPad.

Companies such as Crestron and Home Logic now offer downloadable apps that transform the iPad into a beautiful, large home theater touch panel. With the Crestron Mobile Pro G app made specifically for the iPad, your personal fortress can be controlled by simply tapping the screen to select movies, view various security cameras, adjust light levels, room temperature, and volume with just a touch.

Elite Home Theater Seating is a manufacturer of custom, hand crafted home theater furniture. Their user friendly, interactive website allows you to build your own custom theater seating. To build your custom recliner, or for more information on the iPad chair, visit www.elitehometheaterseating.com.

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