April 23, 2014 09:00 ET

IPF-Plasson Engineers Develop a Cost Effective 30 ft, 96" x 63" Solid Wall Reducer for Storm Water Project

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwired - Apr 23, 2014) - Industrial Pipe Fittings, LLC, a Houston-based Plasson company, renowned for manufacturing the most comprehensive line of HDPE fittings and large diameter HDPE pipes, received industry accolades after successfully designing and manufacturing a cost effective custom-made 96" x 3" HDPE solid wall reducer for Wolseley Canada in Langley, British Columbia.

The massive solid wall reducer presented IPF-Plasson's engineering with site and operating issues that could be conformed with large diameter thermoplastic pipe technology, Spirolite. This piece was an essential part of the recent BC storm water project that was installed by Matcon Civil Vancouver.

Challenged with reducing a 96" concrete bell pipe to a 63" SDR 26 HDPE pipe, Wolseley Canada's Regional Manager, Mr. Jeff Lore, turned to IPF-Plasson for innovative piping solutions tailored to meet the project's intricate demands.

To make the project even more challenging, ISL Engineering, BC storm water project's design engineer contractor, required the 30 ft long reducer to entail a 6° bend with a concentric reduction to the 63" HDPE pipe -- a demand that IPF-Plasson successfully met thanks to the company's Spirolite technology. IPF-Plasson's HDPE design and manufacturing team developed a cost effective solution by building the lengthy reducer held by a unique smooth taper made of angled HDPE strips fused together.

"We knew the project presented a challenging design and manufacturing conundrum, but our engineers here at IPF-Plasson were undaunted. Custom fabrications and fittings are what we do best, and we couldn't be more thrilled to use our unique Spirolite technology to contribute to the project's success," explained Tim Tipton, Executive VP of IPF-Plasson. "The Spirolite HDPE technology used for the reducer ensures longevity and absolute strength necessary for this storm water project."

IPF-Plasson's recent projects, include supplying high quality HDPE fittings and 24" Electrofusion Couplers for 316(b) Fish Sustainability Project in New York City, show how HDPE pipe and fittings are filling in the void left in the market by other piping products that do not last or perform as well as HDPE. As the leaders in solution based HDPE pipe fittings, Spirolite and Electrofusion, IPF-Plasson provides customers with competitive priced solutions with the local support of their partners.

To learn more about IPF-Plasson and their complete line of HDPE pipe and fittings, visit them on the web at or call toll free at: 800-241-4175.

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