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February 03, 2016 09:32 ET

IPG Mediabrands Multicultural Media Study: Chinese New Year - A Great Chance to Connect With New Canadians

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Feb. 3, 2016) - The Chinese New Year parties in Toronto and Vancouver next week will be among the biggest outside of Asia, which according to the IPG Mediabrands Multicultural Media Study speaks to the importance many newcomers to Canada place on maintaining and celebrating their cultural values.

"Whether it's people coming from China, South Asia or another part of the world, the reality is marketers will want to know more about them," said Loraine Cordery, Insights Manager for IPG Mediabrands. "Currently, there's a gap between the importance of these audiences and the information we know about them. We know they are set to grow in size, and they have significant household expenditure, but advertisers don't necessarily know best ways to connect with these audiences.

"The Chinese Canadian population is set to increase by more than 80% in the next 20 years, but there is very little information available about how this increasingly important group shops and engages with media. Our study aims to fill that knowledge gap."

Celebrations and Festivals are Important

This year, Chinese New Year - the Year of the Monkey - begins on Monday, Feb. 8th and survey results within the study indicate that it will be a very big party:

  • 91% Chinese Canadians will be celebrating
  • 63% will make trips to get special food/ drink items from ethnic stores
  • 63% have a celebration outside the home (e.g. attending an event or visiting a friend's home)
  • 46% buy gifts for family and friends
  • 46% of Toronto based Chinese Canadians will be taking part in New Year's events, 38% of Vancouver based Chinese Canadians will be attending the New Year Parade

The coming weeks are a great opportunity for brands to connect with Chinese Canadians. But it is important to recognize the unique way in which this audience prefers to be communicated to:

  • 51% say they are more loyal to brands they know from their home country
  • But local/ Canadian brands can win by considering the language of their communications - 45% feel more close to brands that advertise in my own ethnic language
  • And 64% review ads to stay up-to-date on products, so it's important to be part of the conversation around Chinese New Year

There is no doubt that Chinese New year is the most important festival for Chinese Canadians, but they also take part in traditional Western celebrations with 74% celebrating Christmas, 51% taking part in Thanksgiving, and 33% participating in Easter.

The IPG Mediabrands Multicultural Media Study surveyed over 1,250 Chinese and South Asians in Toronto and Vancouver. In addition to the survey, the study sourced data from Statistics Canada and Vividata.

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