April 12, 2011 13:23 ET

IPG to Feature Bloc-it® Painter's Tape at National Hardware Show

The Ultra Premium Tape Providing Crisp, Clean Paint Lines Every Time Will Be in the Spotlight at IPG's Booth 3734 at the National Hardware Show; Bloc-it Prevents "Bleed Through," a Common Problem With Competitive Painter's Tapes

BRADENTON, FL--(Marketwire - Apr 12, 2011) - IPG (Intertape Polymer Group®) (TSX: ITP), a leading supplier of specialized polyolefin, plastic, and paper-based packaging products, will feature Bloc-it®, a high performance, professional grade painter's tape at Booth 3734 at the National Hardware Show, May 10-12 in Las Vegas.

Designed to prevent paint "bleeding," one of the most common problems with painter's tape, Bloc-it is specially treated to repel paint and prevent bleed through, resulting in a clean, smooth paint line when the tape is removed. The tape has UV resistance for performance up to 14 days of direct sunlight and much longer when used indoors. It also features specialty fine crepe paper backing that conforms easily around difficult areas such as light switches, moldings, window sashes, and door frames.

"Before the development of Bloc-it, painters often experienced paint seepage under tape edges, causing messy lines and uneven workmanship, and forcing them to go back and touch up rough spots with a brush," said James Apap Bologna, IPG Vice President of Corporate Marketing and Communications. "Bloc-it is treated with IPG's proprietary PST 16 formula, which eliminates bleed through, and delivers performance results never before seen in a masking tape product."

Bloc-it joins IPG's extensive line of ProMask® masking tapes, including ProMask® Blue 14-Day, ProMask® Green 8-Day, ProMask® Painter's Grade, and ProMask® GP.

ProMask Blue is a dark blue fine crepe paper backing tape. Coated for excellent resistance to UV rays up to 14 days, it can be used on lacquered or polyurethane coated surfaces.

ProMaskGreen is a paper-backed tape with a specially formulated adhesive, designed for direct exposure to sunlight up to eight days. It also can be used on lacquered or polyurethane-coated surfaces.

ProMask Painters Grade is a conformable, flexible, high quality crepe paper painter's masking tape, which provides excellent adhesion and cornering and clean removal from walls, trim and windows.

ProMask Professional GP is a general purpose masking tape suitable for use in offices, schools, or hobbies.

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