Tip This

Tip This

April 10, 2012 09:00 ET

iPhone App Tip This by Maitre d' Malone Does Instagram One Better on 4/20

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - April 10, 2012) - Let iPhone app Tip This by Maitre d' Malone turn your celebrity sightings into Paparazzi Gold!

Instagram photos may be charming but they're revenue neutral for the public so a billion dollars for the startup? What's Facebook thinking?

iPhone app Tip This by Maitre d' Malone turns your smartphone camera into a lucky lottery ticket.

Shoot the stars looking great or acting badly and let iPhone app Tip This by Maitre d' Malone instantly get your pictures and videos in front of TMZ and tabloid editors around the world for top dollar.

That shot of Angelina bitch-slapping/french-kissing Jen is worth... Paparazzi Gold.

It's as easy as sending the photos to the contact information at the back of the app.

Act fast, be first and let us do the work to get you... Paparazzi Gold.

Equitable split between Apple, the app and the photographer who then sits atop a list to star in the upcoming reality TV show Paparazzi Apprentice.

You can get iPhone app Tip This by Maitre d' Malone exclusively on iTunes today for $2.99 or wait till 4/20 and get it for free, cause if you know the date you deserve the deal.


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