September 10, 2012 09:30 ET

IPO Village Announces Strategic Relationship; VStock Transfer, LLC to Act as Stock Transfer and Escrow Agent for IPO Village Hosted Offerings

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Sep 10, 2012) - IPO Village,, announces a strategic relationship with VStock Transfer, LLC, a New York based stock transfer and registrar company. VStock Transfer will act as the transfer and escrow agent for the IPO offerings hosted on

Simon Erblich, Founder, IPO Village, states, "IPO Village intends to use a crowdfunding model to support companies going public providing member investors with liquidity and a foreseeable exit. The necessary components to host this type of successful IPO process includes an outstanding back end integration of escrow agent, stock transfer agent, and compliance oversight. For their experience, technology and outstanding customer services, we have chosen New York based VStock Transfer to handle these affairs for us."

Seth Farbman, Chairman of VStock Transfer, notes, "Having an integrated platform helps to offer transparency to investors and shareholders, which is a critical objective of IPO Village. We believe that we can certainly add this value to their outstanding offerings."

A company's IPO, initial public offering, is generally a very closely held and tight knit event. Unless a buyer is well connected, getting an opportunity to purchase shares of stock in an upcoming IPO is next to impossible. Most often an IPO is underwritten by a bank, which flips the stock to only a select group of investors. By the time an IPO stock actually reaches the masses, it has changed hands three times with a price adjustment each time.

IPO Village is now about to change this traditional process.

Working closely with investment banking firm First Line Capital LLC, IPO Village is allowing anyone who wants to buy stock at the pre-IPO price, to get in on a first-come first-served basis. The website,, has a no-risk, no-obligation list available where all investors can sign up to buy stock in the next IPO hosted on the site.

About IPO Village
IPO Village offers IPO investment opportunities to every retail investor. While other crowdfunding type sites focus on private offerings, IPO Village's hosted public offerings provide its member investors with liquidity and a foreseeable exit. The Company employs a "first-come-first-served" policy with all parties equally welcome to invest. Since IPOs are typically oversold, IPO Village guarantees a place in line and encourages retail investors to sign up now at

About VStock Transfer
VStock Transfer is a stock transfer agent providing best-in-class service combined with a cost savings structure. Founded by lawyers and managed by lawyers to better service companies, counsel and shareholders, VStock Transfer offers a unique combination of technology and proactive, energetic, personalized and experienced customer service.

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