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September 08, 2009 13:14 ET

ipoque Deep Packet Inspection Engine Goes Open Source

World's First Professional Open Source DPI Engine Launched Today at Broadband World Forum in Paris

BOSTON, MA and PARIS--(Marketwire - September 8, 2009) - ipoque, the leading European vendor of Internet traffic management solutions, today published its award-winning DPI engine as open source software. OpenDPI is derived from the commercial PACE product, ipoque's traffic classification engine that is used in its carrier-grade DPI and bandwidth management solutions. The core of OpenDPI is a software library designed to classify Internet traffic according to application protocols. Everybody can use the software and contribute to it under the conditions of the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

"The idea behind OpenDPI is to encourage knowledge exchange between all interested parties. We value any feedback from the open source community and everyone else. In the end, we hope that we can return something back to the community," says Hendrik Schulze, CTO of ipoque and responsible for the OpenDPI project.

Klaus Mochalski, CEO of ipoque, adds: "The continuing development of OpenDPI is a public process. Transparency was important for us from the beginning. The lack of transparency from the vendors' side has become a widespread problem in the DPI industry. We believe in transparency and that is why we decided to push this project."

OpenDPI is one of several similar projects ipoque has initiated this summer. Recently the company has published a white paper about DPI that clarifies the technological background from the perspective of a vendor of networking products based on this technology. All major points of the DPI discussion are covered in the paper: the definition of DPI, DPI applications, myths and misconceptions, net neutrality and the potential impact of DPI applications on society.

Why OpenDPI?

DPI has been subject to controversial debates about network neutrality and online privacy during the last few years -- with a negative impact on the reputation of DPI-based systems. A general problem is the lack of transparency from the vendors' side, which makes Internet users afraid of this technology. Many myths and untruths about what DPI can do, including reading and analyzing the content of user communication, are in circulation. By giving the general public access to parts of our DPI engine, we want to demonstrate that many of the alleged privacy violations simply do not happen in DPI bandwidth management systems. We believe that this openness will be to the benefit of the DPI industry.

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