January 10, 2011 09:00 ET

IPRO Tech, Inc. Announces the Largest Single Deployment of eCapture & Allegro to Date

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - January 10, 2011) - IPRO Tech, Inc., one of the founders of litigation support software, today announced an agreement with ProSearch Strategies Inc. for 1,000 units of eCapture and Allegro. The move exemplified IPRO's growing hold on the ESI market place and bolstered ProSearch Strategies Inc.'s already extensive processing and hosting environment. ProSearch has been using eCapture for three years in combination with their other workflow software solutions. Under this new agreement with IPRO, ProSearch is now IPRO's single largest deployment of eCapture and Allegro in the world.

"IPRO's technologies are enabling ProSearch to consistently deliver eDiscovery solutions to clients with incredibly large and demanding ESI requirements. In the land of litigation, one of the few variables we can control is our capacity and our ability to respond to often-hard-to-meet deadlines. We've invested in this amount of processing power to remove hard-to-meet deadlines as an obstacle that ProSearch Strategies' clients need to accept as their own," says Trevor Allen, CIO of ProSearch. He continued, "Our clients appreciate that we can process their data and make it accessible in an online review platform faster than they've previously experienced. Without IPRO's innovation and scalability, our offering wouldn't be possible."

Industry analysts have forecast the ESI market will grow at a 14% clip through 2014. Rich Ruyle, CTO of IPRO Tech, commented, "The growth ProSearch is seeing in their operations affirms the growing demand in the ESI market, and their partnership with IPRO exemplifies the scalability and throughput a hybrid Allegro and eCapture solution can provide."

IPRO eCapture™ is a distributive, multi-threaded electronic discovery solution designed for large scale electronic discovery projects. The product's underlying platform utilizes modular application development, asynchronous multi-threading technology, self aware agents and Microsoft SQL for optimum performance. The streamlined centrally located user interface allows a user to control, manage and monitor every aspect of the e-discovery process, including the computers doing the work. The design allows the user to seamlessly scale the job by adding computer power without impacting any jobs to meet the client's deadlines.

"We are proud to be a part of this evolution in ESI processing. IPRO would also like to acknowledge ProSearch Strategies Inc. for their regular contributions and product enhancements provided to the IPRO processing community," said Jim King, CEO at IPRO Tech, Inc.

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IPRO offers a suite of litigation software tools for ECA, e-Discovery, database management, review, and production. IPRO is utilized by thousands of users in law firms, corporate and government legal departments, and litigation service organizations. Billions of documents are processed annually using IPRO software. Currently, 86 of the Am Law 100 utilize IPRO Software in their firms. IPRO clients are found on six continents of the world. To learn more about IPRO software tools, visit or call 1-888-477-6463.

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