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April 27, 2005 09:00 ET

Ipswitch, Inc. Announces Breakthrough Hand-Tuned Anti-Spam Protection in Ipswitch Collaboration Suite 2.0

Collaboration Leader Increases Spam Catch Rates, Reduces False Positives for Small and Medium Businesses

LEXINGTON, MA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 27, 2005 -- Ipswitch, Inc., the leading developer of messaging, network management and file transfer solutions for small-to-medium businesses (SMBs), today announced the release of Ipswitch Collaboration Suite (ICS) 2.0. New anti-spam technology, available in ICS Premium and ISP editions, features spam profiles handcrafted by human editors to thwart the latest efforts in spam attacks.

"We have incorporated sophisticated anti-spam technology into Ipswitch Collaboration Suite 2.0 that is so easy to use, the only configuration administrators must perform is to turn on the protection," said Alex Neihaus, Ipswitch vice president of marketing. "By combining the best of automated spam catching methods with hand review by multi-lingual human editors, we are restoring the reliability of messaging infrastructures. Collaboration is a cornerstone of doing business, and companies cannot do enough to protect this vital part of their business communications."

More than 60 million people worldwide use Ipswitch messaging products to communicate over the Internet. Ipswitch Collaboration Suite is based upon IMail Server, a proven, scalable messaging server ideal for companies with tens to thousands of workers. ICS also includes secure instant messaging, server-based shared calendaring capabilities and free/busy functionality for Microsoft® Outlook® users, as well as anti-spam and anti-virus protection. ICS Premium edition users are protected by Symantec® carrier-class anti-virus technology, which combines automatic, non-disruptive updates with advanced customization capabilities to allow administrators fine control of their anti-virus defenses. Users of ICS Standard edition receive anti-virus technology using the BitDefender scanning engine.

ICS Premium Anti-Spam is powered by's Star Engine on the ICS server, which receives dynamic Bullet Signature Database updates from Mail-Filters. Bullet Signatures are continuously created and updated at Mail-Filters' data center via automated means and with a final review in over 30 languages by human editors.

Every five minutes, ICS 2.0 Premium Anti-Spam checks for new Bullet Signatures, which are then used by the Star Engine to catch incoming spam. The Star Engine component of ICS identifies spammer tricks by spotting suspicious misspellings, phishing attacks and other unique spam-identifying characteristics. ICS Premium Anti-Spam is tuned to look for very specific tricks and ignores general factors that can generate false positives. This sophisticated processing results in superior throughput at the ICS server, maximum catch rates and extraordinarily low false-positives. More impressively, administrators need only check one check box on the ICS server to effectively protect their messaging infrastructure from spam attacks and restore confidence in the delivery of business-critical e-mail.

"Spam continues to be a major problem with businesses," said Teney Takahashi, analyst with The Radicati Group. "No single solution is entirely effective at stopping spam -- a multi-layered approach is needed to counter the quickly changing tactics of spammers. The combination of automated anti-spam technology and human analysis is far superior to single-layered anti-spam solutions, and should be closely considered by companies in their efforts to address the spam problem."

In addition to anti-spam enhancements, Ipswitch Collaboration Suite 2.0 Standard and Premium editions also feature enhanced shared calendaring capabilities so that end-users can control access to their personal calendars and contact lists with granular permissions such as read only, create, edit or delete. Active Directory synchronization is also available for groups. Both features further streamline the collaboration process so that users can achieve greater efficiencies in their day-to-day business activities. ICS 2.0 offers users additional protection for their messaging infrastructure via implementation of the Sender Policy Framework, which allows users to verify that a sending machine was in fact authorized to send the message. Further protection is available to administrators via ICS 2.0's flexible attachment blocking capabilities, which enable administrators to globally reject attachment types known to infect user machines. ICS 2.0 also features a new integrated installation experience for all components, further reducing administrative costs and increasing productivity.

Pricing and Availability

Ipswitch Collaboration Suite 2.0 Premium Edition is available from Ipswitch for $1,495 for 25 users, $2,995 for 100 users, $4,495 for 250 users, $7,995 for 1,000 users and $10,995 for unlimited users. The ICS ISP/EDU Edition is available for $5,995 for unlimited users. All editions of ICS are also available through Ipswitch partners, which can be located through the Ipswitch Web site at All prices include one year of service support. Current ICS Premium and ISP edition customers will receive ICS Premium Anti-Spam as part of their Ipswitch Service Agreements.

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