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June 12, 2007 09:54 ET

Ipswitch, Inc. Announces Ipswitch WS_FTP Server 6 With SSH

Market Leader Offers Easy-to-Administer, Highly Secure and Fully Featured New Servers for Critical Secure Managed File Transfer Tasks

LEXINGTON, MA--(Marketwire - June 12, 2007) - Ipswitch, Inc., a leading developer of network monitoring, messaging and managed file transfer solutions, announced today the immediate availability of WS_FTP Server 6 and WS_FTP Server 6 with SSH. As the market is driven towards secure managed file transfer solutions, Ipswitch has enhanced and expanded its acclaimed WS_FTP Server offering to deliver industry-leading security, auditing, high-availability and remote administration capabilities, all of which are vital to organizations seeking to protect data, audit file transfers and automate file transfer processes. WS_FTP Server 6 offers a highly secure and flexible way to manage users and maximize file transfer speed for companies of all sizes, worldwide.

"Keeping our customers' information and documents secure and compliant with all regulations is essential in our line of business," said Rashpal Bains, senior B2B analyst, Teleplan International. "With the unrivaled advanced security and logging capabilities of Server 6 with SSH, we are able to keep track of all necessary documents and transfer critical business data easily and with assurance that no sensitive information will be compromised."

WS_FTP Server 6 delivers powerful enterprise-level security, granular administrative control over server access and user permissions, event-driven automation, robust logging capabilities for auditing and compliance, and best-in-class performance and reliability -- all with an easy to use Web-based user interface. It scales to a virtually unlimited number of user accounts and concurrent user connections, and supports FTP, SSL and SSH protocol connections. Advanced features include strong password policies, guaranteed file integrity, clustering and load balancing architecture and more.

"Today's organizations who are focused on file transfer and security are increasingly relying on SSH to move and share critical and sensitive data. Overall, the industry's vision of what a secure file transfer solution needs to be is quickly moving towards Managed File Transfer (MFT)," said Frank Kenney, research director, Gartner, Inc.

By offering SSH as well as the FTP-Based SSL file transfer protocols, Ipswitch WS_FTP Server 6 delivers advanced security during file transport with encryption and strong authentication. It assures the FTP user that the server they are communicating with has a particular identity and the content of the exchange is private and secure. SSH is the native file transfer mode of UNIX-based operating systems, including Linux, and Ipswitch's windows-based implementation enables cost-saving standardization and consolidation of FTP and SSH servers.

WS_FTP Server 6 Key Features:

--  Security: Industry-leading 256-bit AES encryption over SSH, SFTP, SSL
    and FTPS transfer protocols.  File integrity checking up to SHA-512, login
    authentication encryption, digital certificate management and the ability
    to force minimum encryption levels for client connections.  Strong password
    policies include auto-expiring passwords, admin-set guidelines for creating
    strong passwords and rules for failed login attempts.
--  Logging: WS_FTP Server 6 logs server administration and end-user
    activity for monitoring and auditing and keeps an ongoing record of server
    usage and captures all actions related to the storage and transfer of
    files.  The logging server can be run locally or remotely on the network
    and support the ability to sort and export logs.  Integrated syslog support
    enables integration of log data with a central data repository
--  Availability: New clustering and load balancing architecture enables
    high-availability and high-performance through server redundancy and server
    failover.  Run two or more WS_FTP Servers with SSH in a highly available
    environment to insure optimal performance and availability.
--  Control: Secure administrative control over access to files with
    granular permissions by folder, user and group enables administrators to
    fine-tune server access and file transfer privileges to ensure that
    everyone has access to the data they need when they need it, while making
    certain that files are kept out of the wrong hands.
--  Automation: WS_FTP Server's powerful rules-based notification engine
    can trigger email, SMS and pager alerts and kick off external programs
    based on specified server events and include real-time information in the
--  Compliance: WS_FTP Server 6's leading security and logging
    capabilities exceed compliance and corporate governance requirements and
    enable company policies, vendor requirements and customer expectations for
    secure file transfer.  Some of the regulations that WS_FTP Server enables
    compliance with are Sarbnes-Oxley, HIPAA, PCI DSS, BASEL II and J-SOX.
--  Ease of Use: Configuring WS_FTP Server 6 is simple and administrators
    can quickly authenticate users with the built-in user database or by
    leveraging existing user databases such as Active-Directory, NT or an ODBC
    database.  The new Web-based interface enables secure and fully integrated
    FTP, SSH and SSL server administration from any Internet connection.
"Simply put, WS_FTP Server 6 offers industry leading security, integrity and availability for transferring files and is the smart choice for moving and sharing files within a company or around the globe. Users start seeing the benefits within minutes of installing, with faster file transfer performance, robust logging and advanced security that addresses compliance concerns," said Kevin Gillis, vice president of secure file transfer products at Ipswitch. "WS_FTP Server is a highly regarded leader that offers time-saving automation capabilities, industry-leading security, and best-in-class performance, scalability and reliability, delivered in a secure and flexible solution for the data management and file transfer needs of all kinds of organizations."

Benefits of using WS_FTP Server 6 and WS_FTP Professional 2007 together:

--  Economies of scale: Streamline sourcing, administration, user support
    and training requirements.  Saves money by consolidating individual user
    licenses into license packs or a site license.  Our Server-Client solutions
    include savings of up to 25% off list pricing.
--  Security: Encrypt all client logon credentials during server
    authentication, secure client-server connections with leading 256-bit AES
    encryption and guarantee integrity of transfers with SHA-512 secure
Pricing and availability

The Ipswitch WS_FTP Server 6 is available immediately starting at a US List price of $445 for the basic configuration and $1,395 for WS_FTP Server with SSH and a one year service agreement. In addition, bundles are available containing Ipswitch WS_FTP Server 6 with SSH and WS_FTP Professional, starting at $1,595 for the server and ten copies of the client. They can be purchased directly from Ipswitch's Web site at:, as well as from Ipswitch's worldwide partners, a directory of which can be found at Free upgrades to Ipswitch WS_FTP Server 6 are available to anyone with a current WS_FTP Server service agreement.

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