SOURCE: Ipswitch, Inc.

February 12, 2007 09:00 ET

Ipswitch, Inc. Reveals Spam Hit New High Over the Holidays

Festive Inboxes Contained Over 85% Spam Leading to a Renewed Fear

LEXINGTON, MA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 12, 2007 -- Ipswitch, Inc., a leading developer of network monitoring, messaging and secure managed file transfer solutions, today announced the result of its sixth Spamometer survey, revealing that 84.4% of all email received is spam, the highest rate for almost two years. This compares with 70% the previous quarter and only 57% the previous holiday period. The increase is shown to be due to the continual rise of stock tip and phishing emails (the inherently dangerous spam messages asking the recipient to supply personal information that can lead to identity theft).

Almost half of spam emails received were in the finance/phishing category (47%, up from only 19% last quarter) lifting it to the top of the table. Last quarter's leading category of spam, medication, dropped to number two despite still making up over a quarter of all spam received. The amount of pornographic emails continued to decrease over the holiday period, accounting for only 7% of spam (half as much as last quarter).

1.   Finance/phishing - 47% - (up from two)
2.   Medication - 27% - (down from one)
3.   Fake Watches - 7% - (new entry)
4.   Pornographic - 7% - (down from three)
5.   Electronics/pirated software - 5% - (down from four)
"This year there was a noticeable spike in spam messages throughout the holidays with crafty spammers realizing that people are more likely to open messages during this time," said Karl Klaessig, product marketing manager for Ipswitch. "Consumers have been shopping online more than ever before and this, coupled with greeting cards and other attachments being sent by colleagues, friends and families have meant that guards have been down."

"We have seen a lot of 'hot stock tips' spam and supposedly, such stocks have been measured to increase 5% in days following massive spam output which unfortunately proves their effectiveness," warns Klaessig. "It is important that businesses implement anti-spam solutions that are flexible and extensible, and which also provide automatic updates, 24x7, not only to block the increasing number of stock tips but also all the other varieties of malicious and time consuming spam that enters the average inbox."

"Phishing/finance has become a big earner for organized crime, and the spammers are getting cleverer, moving from blended text -- where sentences from classic texts are mixed with the phishing message -- to image messages, where no actual text is sent, or only innocuous text is sent, with the main message being carried as an image. These types of spam have a far larger impact on those who fall for them, often to the tune of tens of thousands of pounds -- and we must use capabilities to stop the messages getting through as much as we can," says Quocirca, head of research, Clive Longbottom.

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