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December 20, 2010 09:00 ET

Ipswitch Unveils Top Five Security Predictions for 2011

Smart Companies Shift Focus From Security Tools to Management & Enforcement

LEXINGTON, MA--(Marketwire - December 20, 2010) - Companies that continue to focus on quick-fix security tools instead of strengthening and enforcing information security policies risk devastating consequences in 2011, warns Ipswitch, the secure managed file transfer company. 

"Organizations in many industries were hit hard by data breaches in 2010, a trend that's sure to continue in 2011," said Frank Kenney, VP of Global Strategy at Ipswitch File Transfer. "As attacks grow more sophisticated and outsmart many security tools on the market -- the most savvy companies will shift their focus to policy creation, management and enforcement to prevent both intentional and accidental data breaches."

In addition, Ipswitch predicts that:

  • Enterprises will start monitoring and managing the information flowing to and from personal e-mail, instant messages and cloud-based services. According to an Ipswitch survey of IT executives, 40 percent said they routinely send confidential information through personal email to eliminate the audit trail from management. Additionally, 25 percent admitted to sending proprietary files to their personal email accounts with the intent of using that information at their next place of employment. 

"Insiders will continue to be a major threat to businesses in 2011, and IT executives will need to implement bold, preventive measures -- and monitor employees closely," said Kenney.  

  • The largest data breach of 2011 will hit the retail sector.  As the economy rebounds and consumer spending increases, the retail industry will become a prime target for hackers in 2011. Look for at least one major retailer to suffer losses exceeding those of TJX, and for total breaches in the industry to nearly double.
  • A major data breach with further reaching diplomatic consequences than WikiLeaks will be the direct result of a lost smart phone or USB drive. According to Ipswitch, 70 percent of IT professionals access company data through mobile devices on a weekly basis, and 41 percent rely on easily lost or stolen storage devices to back up business files every month.

"Because employees use personal devices for corporate access, there is the naive notion that there are no ramifications when these devices are misplaced or stolen. Most companies do not articulate actionable policies in the event of a lost cell phone with corporate data," says

  • Organizations in the financial, media and health sectors will gain larger market shares by leveraging company investments in managed file transfer, specifically those that offer visibility, analysis and analytics. According to Ipswitch, 72 percent of organizations lack visibility into files moving both internally and externally. 

"Within industries that are fighting for every percentage point, visibility, automated workflow and proactive event monitoring and management will make the difference between the winners and losers," says Kenney.

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