SOURCE: iPura Food Distribution Co.

iPura Food Distribution Co.

March 21, 2011 16:14 ET

iPura® Announces Retail Brand and Private Label Program

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - March 21, 2011) -  iPura Food Distribution Co, Inc. (iPura), a California based private label food manufacturer, announced at the International Boston Seafood Show that the Company is adding a retail brand to meet food safety and quality assurance demand. 

Company President Keith Meeks stated, "Today's consumers expect a higher degree of food safety and most believe that not enough is being done to protect their health. iPura is the world's first on-site food safety and quality assurance program that contributes manpower and microbial intervention technologies with proprietary equipment to apply organic antimicrobial agents prior to packaging. iPura labeled seafood products differentiate from all other seafood products by addressing food safety, quality and sustainability at a level unmatched in the industry." 

"With iPura labeled products, retailers, distributors and food service operators have a clear point of validation that proves to their customers that not only do they care, but they are doing everything they can to source cleaner and safer products. With 85% of seafood coming from foreign sources, iPura adds value and protects reputations and company images by producing cleaner and safer food. We expect that our retail brand will connect with consumers and strengthen the value of iPura as a private label brand manufacturer," added Mr. Meeks.

Tom DeMott, a veteran food broker with Encore Associates, added, "iPura has created a novel approach to food safety and quality, securing a level of trust and authentication that should be a model for the entire supply chain. It's one thing to advocate for safer, cleaner food, and quite another to achieve daily verification of such quality and value." 

Consumers appreciate the difference. John Erickson, a seafood buyer at Food4Less in California, stated, "I have been sourcing seafood for over 35 years and I have yet to see any product match the iPura quality. My customers are telling their friends and my sales of iPura labeled products in the service case are the strongest in the category. I look forward to selling the iPura retail bag in the freezer case." 

The foundation behind the iPura label is the innovative iPura Food Safety and Quality Assurance Program, a prescriptive regimen applied on-site at selected premier aquaculture producers. Aaron Ormond, the Company's VP of Food Safety & Quality Assurance, explained, "The iPura Program raises the bar by adding technology and trained manpower to apply our microbial kill-step interventions and comprehensive controls at the source. iPura on-site microbiologists validate product and conduct environmental monitoring periodically throughout the production cycle. Our proprietary systems do not use heat, high pressure, irradiation, chlorine, or other harmful chemicals."

Mr. DeMott added, "The iPura Program's components and controls put iPura ahead of the curve in food safety and quality, along with supporting practices that sustain the natural resources of our oceans."

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