SOURCE: IPv4 Market Group

IPv4 Market Group

October 31, 2012 14:20 ET

IPv4 Market Group Announces the Availability of IPv4 Blocks for Purchase in the RIPE Region

LEWISTON, NY--(Marketwire - Oct 31, 2012) - IPv4 Market Group, a global leader in both IPv4 sale and IPv4 lease, has just announced the availability of IPv4 blocks, including a /12 block, for purchase in the European IP Networks - RIPE region. The firm's Executive Vice President for Business Development, Jeff Mehlenbacher, has indicated that a /12 block is now available for purchase, and best price offers will be given consideration. "Our seller is interested in moving this block before the end of calendar 2012, and will look at creative ways to sell, including splitting the block to multiple buyers."

In related news, the RIPE NCC announced on September 14, 2012 that it would begin allocating from the last /8, permitting organizations only one /22 allocation regardless of need for larger allocation. The RIPE NCC is assessing two policy proposals authored by IPv4 Market Group President Sandra Brown, to extend the 90 day needs-based assessment to 24 months for intra-RIPE transfers and permit inter-Regional transfers with 24 months justified need. Sandra presented these proposals at RIPE65 in Amsterdam on September 27 and a recording of this presentation can be viewed at: IPv4 Market Group is hopeful on behalf of its RIPE constituents that both policy proposals will be adopted and implemented by the first quarter of 2013.

IPv4 Market Group's current inventory of IPv4 for sale includes an ARIN based company for sale with one legacy /16 asset. The ARIN POC login will be provided so that no needs justification will be required. The prospective buyer would simply purchase the company, leave it in the name of the previous company in the ARIN records, and use the IPs as they are currently registered. The firm's current asking price for this asset is US$519,000.

In addition, IPv4Market Group has announced that they have multiple RIPE based /20's at a firm price of EUR 11.45. The firm has also stated the availability of /16's, /17's, and /18's in the ARIN region, one /12 in the ARIN region, and multiple /16's in the APNIC region. 

About IPv4 Market Group:
IPv4 Market Group is a global leader in IPv4 sales, IPv4 leases and IPv4 placements. The firm has IPv4 transaction experience in each of the ARIN, RIPE, and APNIC regions. IPv4 Market Group is a highly experienced and knowledgeable IPv4 transactor, backed by a strong management team, led by the Nortel insiders who drove the Nortel / Microsoft $7.5 Million sale to success. To learn more, visit or call 905-880-5906.