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September 18, 2013 12:58 ET

IPv4 Market Group's Ten Steps to a Successful APNIC Transfer

LEWISTON, NY--(Marketwired - Sep 18, 2013) - IPv4 Market Group is pleased to offer advice to companies seeking information on how to receive IPv4 transfers in the APNIC region. Our team has done more than ten IPv4 transfers to APNIC recipients, and, based on our extensive experience, we have created the Ten Steps to a Successful APNIC Transfer, in the hopes we will make your IPv4 buying experience smoother. These steps are by no means linear, and are often overlapped and in parallel.

Buying IPv4 addresses, unfortunately, is not simple. Whenever you spend significant money, and treat an acquisition as an asset, it gets complex. We at IPv4 Market Group have identified Ten (yes, ten!) Steps to a Successful APNIC Transfer.

  1. Internal Planning: This consists of network engineering planning, where you define the block size you need, and financial planning, where you do your internal business case and secure financial approval. Then you combine the two functions to determine where and how you wish to procure your IPs. 
  2. Pre-approval: In the APNIC region, you must secure APNIC pre-approval for the block.
  3. Market research: One way is to simply call us for the best broker experience available in the world. You can also contact many brokers, and we hope you will include IPv4 Market Group in that list, as we can provide you with a list of sellers, prices, and block sizes available to you. At IPv4 Market Group, we believe our competitive advantage to APNIC members is that we offer scarce APNIC blocks, while other brokers are generally not able to consistently provide APNIC blocks.
  4. Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA): Once you have chosen a seller, or are considering multiple Requests for Quotes (RFQs), then a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is signed to protect the conversation and discussion from disclosure about both parties' confidential matters.
  5. Examine: Review the Seller's IPv4 block both technically and legally to ensure it meets your approval. IPv4 Market Group provides expertise to assist with both aspects.
  6. Asset Purchase Agreement: Define the contractual terms and conditions between the parties. IPv4 Market Group has extensive legal experience in drawing these constructs, and can either work with your in-house counsel, or can provide a template for your use.
  7. Arrange payment terms: These can range from pre-payment via escrow or a solicitor's account, payment after transfer, or a Letter of Credit.
  8. IP transfer: The IP transfer process uses the tools provided by APNIC in region. The seller releases the IPs to the buyer, the buyer accepts the IPs, and lastly APNIC bills the buyer, and once paid the transfer fee, issues the IPs to the buyer. If an inter-RIR transfer from ARIN has been chosen, it is a bit more complex. We find that transfers from ARIN can take an average of two weeks longer, and you must ensure that the Seller has clear title with ARIN prior to contractual agreement, or you could face delays with ARIN.
  9. Announce: Once the transfer is complete, the IPs are announced on the internet by you, the recipient buyer.
  10. Clean up: Final documentation and closing conditions are completed. As an example, perhaps funds must be released from escrow, or the Seller must provide the Buyer with a final Bill of Sale. 

Clearly, procuring IPv4 addresses is like buying any other corporate asset. Our President, Sandra Brown, presented this process in much more detail at the recent APNIC 36 meeting in Xi'an. A video recording of this presentation may be found at

Our best advice to you, as a buyer, is to contact us for free advice on the transfer process. It is very important to have a legitimate seller with quality IPs that are not blacklisted, blocked, or targeted by gamers. Your broker should be listed with APNIC at for your safety and compliance with APNIC policy. Above all, we encourage you to interview your broker, and ensure they understand and follow the Ten Steps to a Success APNIC Transfer, as outlined above and in our video.

About IPv4 Market Group: IPv4 Market Group is a global leader in IPv4 transfers. The firm was founded in May of 2011. Its President is Sandra Brown, the Nortel Director behind the first ever IPV4 transfer, a $7.5 Million sale of 660,000 IPv4 addresses to Microsoft. She and her business partner, Executive Vice President of Business Development, Jeff Mehlenbacher, now have a very long and credible IPv4 transaction history in the ARIN, RIPE, and APNIC regions. They can bring their IPv4 expertise to bear for any firm interested in buying or selling IP's. To learn more, visit or call 905-880-5906.


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