June 05, 2015 03:09 ET

iQLife Introduces iQDefender as Part of Their Digital Services Line

CUMMING, GA--(Marketwired - Jun 5, 2015) - Georgia based company iQLife, known for offering quality Digital Services geared towards avid online users, has announced the addition of a full-featured internet security system in the form of their new iQDefender package. Designed for PCs, the system possesses a long list of features and capabilities geared towards keeping users' computers safe from the many threats that internet users are exposed to on a daily basis. iQLife is offering iQDefender for purchase to its customers on a month to month basis without the usual one time annual cost or contract. "In order to stay consistent with what iQLife is all about, we wanted to continue to lower the barriers and make iQDefender accessible to everyone and anyone, no matter their financial situation. We believe so strongly in this powerful, customized offering that we wanted to introduce this in a way that puts the customer in the driver seat and allows them to decide whether they want to continue on a month to month basis. As they are realizing the full value of this purchase they too will believe that it is a purchase that continues to make good sense for them and their families. No long term contracts, no large upfront costs, just simply iQLife, standing on our foundation of simplicity and affordability," said Ivy Johnson, iQLife's visionary.

The iQDefender system is powered by the trusted and award winning Bitdefender Antivirus software, but to be clear this is not your standard Bitdefender offering available on their website. With nearly 15 years of development behind this engine, it is considered to be one of the most effective antivirus solutions available -- keeping PCs safe from online and offline e-threat programs such as password stealers, Trojans, keystroke loggers and other malware. Active Virus Control constantly monitors all the processes on your PC in order to identify and block all viruses, including those that may have been lying dormant on your system. As a full-featured suite, iQDefender does far more than defend against viruses. Realizing that in today's online landscape users and their computers need protection from a variety of malicious hazards, many other essential features have been included.

Antiphishing prevents imitation websites masquerading as authentic ones from duping users into giving up sensitive information. Links are identified as safe or unsafe before being clicked on in the search results -- and if an unsafe link is inadvertently followed, iQDefender will automatically block access to the site in question. The antispam feature will be greeted as a godsend. Using an advanced three-stage filter that scans words, phrases and links for known spam identifiers, it will keep your inbox clear of clutter. Known spammers are automatically blocked, and users can actually train the program to recognize which emails are and are not spam. Next generation features are also offered such as IM Encryption, which automatically encrypts instant messages, keeping your conversations and personal information therein safe from spying and hijacking.

iQDefender offers a number of advanced features that combine elements from the best of Bitdefender Total and the commercial grade Bitdefender Enterprise, to raise the bar in protecting your system and its most sensitive files. A must for any antivirus system, the Bitdefender-powered Firewall has proven to be one of the best. Constantly monitoring your internet connections, it not only prevents unauthorized incoming connections such as attempts to access your Wi-Fi, it prevents unauthorized outgoing connections as well. The File Vault stores and protects important and sensitive files in a highly secure online location, allowing you alone to easily access them from any of your devices. On the other hand, the File Shredder completely removes all traces of files and folders you wish to permanently get rid of. Sensitive documents that can otherwise be recovered by knowledgeable parties will now be truly destroyed.

The intelligent nature of iQDefender allows for some amazing capabilities. The Auto-Pilot module contains maintenance tools that will improve your system's responsiveness and promote efficient management of hard drive space. Automatically performing tasks such as cleaning up system files and the registry will keep your PC running at peak performance. Special Operating Modes such as Game Mode and Laptop Mode allow you to enjoy entertainment or get work done without being interrupted, as iQDefender will make the security related decisions for you. Incredibly, all this can be monitored and controlled remotely through Account Access from any location. With such powerful advanced features, the backing of the trusted Bitdefender name, and the ability to purchase month to month with no upfront year-long or multiple month contract, iQDefender is certain to be a winner in the PC security system world.

iQDefender is one of many innovative premium Digital Services offered by iQLife, a company envisioned by the Atlanta-based marketing and advertising guru Ivy Johnson. He and his team have used their combined experience and skill to create a number of essential and revolutionary technology offerings. Johnson is well known for always attempting to balance a company's viability with the benefits of its end users. Beyond his never-ending search for exciting new business ventures and technologies, Mr. Johnson is heavily involved with numerous regional and nationwide charities and organizations.

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