June 27, 2015 01:25 ET

iQLife Publishes Groundbreaking Five-Year Strategic Battle Plan

CUMMING, GA--(Marketwired - Jun 27, 2015) - iQLife, a Georgia-based tech company that made the headlines with its innovative digital service suites and the development of the proprietary iQUnite social media platform, has announced the launch of a strategic five-year plan that combines the company's diverse offerings to create multiple simultaneous revenue streams for users. The business plan takes advantage of current social commerce trends to achieve maximized platform monetization for iQUnite.

One year ago, the visionary behind iQLife, Ivy Johnson, presented the company's plan for the first time at a meeting dubbed 'The Gathering.' Speaking to a very select group of Affiliates, Johnson revealed the first part of their monetization strategy to be the release of iQLife's suite of digital services. Addressing the privacy, security and tech support concerns faced by today's online user, the software and services provided such as iQDefender, iQIDLock, and iQTechSupport excel in protecting sensitive information. By acquiring these services and making them available for purchase, Affiliates received all the benefits of 'First Inviters' and took on the role of beta testers during the implementation of the second phase - the iQUnite social media platform.

"Instead of sending out invitations and filling a social network with anonymous names in the hopes to monetize those users by 'sharing' revenues generated from just one source, iQLife has developed a new approach that is unique and groundbreaking," Johnson explained. "We are on a mission to monetize social connections, while rewarding and paying sales commissions on purchases to the Affiliates responsible for those connections!" With this multiple stream model, Johnson and his team believe the result will be a successfully monetized platform that proves to be very lucrative -- not just for the company, but also for its Affiliates.

The plan also touches on the increasing convergence of e-commerce and social media, also known as 'social commerce.' "With e-commerce generating annual revenue in the trillions of dollars and social media gradually turning into the hub for a plethora of online transactions, this seems like a natural progression for iQLife," Johnson noted. "It's a new and exciting time to watch as Social Media and E-Commerce come together and create an unprecedented wave of wealth and prosperity for all who understand how to utilize it." He then revealed that this month, marking the first anniversary of 'The Gathering,' iQLife will be rolling out the next step in their monetization plan by hosting "iQSocials" in two Florida locations.

iQLife was created by acclaimed entrepreneur, marketing specialist and advertising guru, Ivy Johnson, who is internationally renowned for creating successful ventures. Johnson has utilized his leadership and directional skills to dramatically increase sales and revenues for dozens of companies. His understanding and passion for emerging technologies and services has driven him to consistently seek out revolutionary ideas and turn them into mainstream business ventures. With iQLife, Johnson and his team aim to create a model that rewards its users unlike anything previously attempted. In addition to his professional career, Ivy Johnson is actively involved with a number of charities and frequently mentors promising young entrepreneurs.

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