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Infrared Data Asociation

April 16, 2009 08:12 ET

IrDA Announced New Infrared Wireless Communication of 1 Gigabit/s Speed as Part of Their International Standard Specifications

WALNUT CREEK, CA--(Marketwire - April 16, 2009) - IrDA announced today that they officially adopted a new standard specification Giga-IR™ which allows transmitting 1 Gigabit of data per second. IrDA has already updated their standard specifications a few years ago with new specification called "IrSimple™ profile." IrSimple communications has increased the transmission speed to a minimum of 4 times faster than conventional IrDA. The speed of Giga-IR is approximately 250 times faster than IrSimple's speed of 4Mbps. With Giga-IR, a music video* can be transfer to another device within 0.1 second. Thanks to the nature of IrDA, there is not pairing needed such as RF technology.

"This Giga-IR specification will rank as one of the fastest wireless communication standards available on the market that is easy to implement into mobile devices without sacrificing space," said Daphne Terrell, executive director of IrDA. She continued, "This new specification can co-exist with USB or IEEE1394 and can extend their technology into the wireless arena by using Giga-IR as a base technology."

The Giga-IR specification, originally proposed by KDDI, fostered the creation of a SIG group with key contributors such as Computer Engineering and Consulting (CEC), E-Globaledge, Panasonic, Rohm and Waseda University. The final draft of Giga-IR was approved by the members of IrDA in March 2009 and officially adopted by IrDA board members in April 2009. Giga-IR adapted reliable fiber optical communication technology and developed it as an optical wireless communication technology. Giga-IR is also compatible with IrSimple 4Mbps communications.

As Giga-IR added to IrDA's international standards portfolio, IrDA member module manufactures, chip-set manufactures, and software developers have already been putting their efforts into commercializing products and services for Giga-IR for the market. KDDI, who is one of the top three carriers in Japan aggressively promotes the technology and proclaims that they are considering implementing Giga-IR as a new feature of their cellular phones. Giga-IR is currently available only for IrDA members; for more information to become a member, please visit

About IrDA

IrDA ( is an International Organization formed in 1993 and is dedicated to creating global, interoperable, low-cost infrared technology. More than 30 specifications were standardized by IrDA and more than 1 billion devices implemented by portable phones, printers and televisions. Many users are also familiar with IrDA technology as "Infrared" or "IrSimple™."

*Giga-IR is a trademark of IrDA which stands for Gigabit Infrared Communication

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