SOURCE: Irisys (InfraRed Integrated Systems Ltd.)

May 13, 2008 08:15 ET

Irisys Announces Handheld Thermal Imagers IRI 4011 and IRI 4041 for Police and Security Applications

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - May 13, 2008) - Irisys (InfraRed Integrated Systems Ltd.) is pioneering inroads into helping officials in the fight against illegal cannabis factories with the launch of its new IRI 4011 and IRI 4041 Handheld Thermal Imagers. Specifically designed for Police and Security teams, the imagers provide affordable thermal imaging performance in a compact, easy-to-use package.

The new imagers can now directly improve the detection of cannabis factories with a calibrated temperature display that provides remote monitoring of roof, window and vent temperatures. Two cursors allow clear comparison of temperatures between adjacent buildings. Featuring a 160x120 pixel silicon microbolometer sensor, the imagers also deliver clear images in total darkness, detecting people at over 150m for the 4011 model and 300m from the 4041.

The 4011 features a large clear 3 1/2" display, with user-friendly menus for camera control specifically optimized for Police requirements. Its eyeshade provides discrete viewing for covert operations and images can be easily stored using the standard removable SD memory card. A hot-spot tracker aids automatic detection of a person in the view while the freeze frame feature helps in searching restricted access areas. Selectable color pallets include color and 'white hot' and 'black hot' display and a hot-spot tracker aids automatic detection of a person in the view while the freeze frame feature helps in searching restricted access areas.

The Irisys 4000 series PC software allows stored images to be uploaded to a computer and exported as standard bitmap pictures to office applications for incident reports. The 4011's integral rechargeable battery provides six hours continuous operation. The imager's rugged carry case includes mains and car chargers, eyeshade and the PC Software with SD Card reader. For tactical police and security applications the IRI 4011 and 4041 offer user-friendly thermal imaging in a cost effective package affordable for individual teams.

However, using thermal imaging for law enforcement is only one of the many applications made possible by Irisys Handheld Thermal Imagers. Irisys continues to make thermal imaging less expensive and therefore accessible to a wide range of applications including aiding EMS by detecting body heat in poor visibility, improving energy efficiency by monitoring heating and cooling leaks and detecting mechanical faults to minimize downtime.

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Irisys (InfraRed Integrated Systems Ltd.) specializes in the development and manufacture of intelligent infra-red detectors used in thermal imaging, people counting, queue management and security applications.

Irisys Tailgate Detectors provide increased protection for higher Security Access Control applications including cash centers, airports and defense installations. Irisys Thermal Imaging Cameras are used in law enforcement and maintenance applications.

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