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November 15, 2010 10:00 ET

iRODS and DDN Combine to Take the Research Out of Research Storage

iRODS Global Data Access System Integrates With the Breakthrough Performance, Scalability of DDN's WOS Cloud Storage System to Create Petascale Data Grids

CHATSWORTH, CA--(Marketwire - November 15, 2010) - DataDirect Networks (DDN), the leading data infrastructure provider for the world's most scalable, content-intensive enterprises, today announced that DDN's Web Object Scaler (WOS), the world's leading cloud storage system, has been tightly integrated with the Integrated Rule-Oriented Data-management System (iRODS). The iRODS data grid is an open source, next-generation adaptive middleware architecture for data management that was developed under funding from the National Science Foundation and the National Archives and Records Administration.

Scientists collaborating on research, ranging from high-energy physics to genomics to climate and weather modeling are faced with three daunting data management challenges:

  • Storing the massive amounts of data created by their experiments and models
  • Finding the data across the many organizations that generate and store that data
  • Retrieving the data for analysis and computation

DDN and iRODS have teamed to solve these problems. With its "intelligent cloud" architecture, iRODS is a leading technology for organizing, sharing, and finding collections of data in file systems maintained by dozens or even hundreds of different organizations. WOS is a cloud-scale object storage appliance capable of storing more than 256 billion files in a single system while radically simplifying how content is stored, distributed, and accessed across geographically dispersed sites.

The integration of the two systems allows users to build applications that can store massive amounts of data, find the data in any connected repository, and access it quickly and reliably across the global internet. The integrated WOS and iRODS technologies offer users the ability to optimize their application performance by automatically monitoring the latency of data access from worldwide storage sites in real time. Furthermore, simple WOS management tools and self-healing capabilities make petabyte-class storage simple to administer and scale from a single, simple pane of glass.

"WOS and iRODS are a perfect match," said Dave Fellinger, Chief Technology Officer, DDN. "Both WOS and iRODS are known for breakthrough speed and scalability, and tightly integrating the two will have a powerful, synergistic benefit for organizations around the world supporting cloud-based data infrastructures."

iRODS, which is leveraged by many organizations including the NSF TeraGrid, the NASA Center for Computational Sciences, and the French National Library, is developed and maintained by the Data Intensive Cyber Environments Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and UC San Diego, in collaboration with the Renaissance Computing Institute and other partners in the open source iRODS community, supported by the Data Intensive Cyberinfrastructure Foundation.

"We are pleased to partner with DDN to further develop the capabilities of iRODS," said Reagan Moore, DICE Center director and professor at UNC at Chapel Hill. "DICE is dedicated to building open source solutions for large-scale data management in collaborative research, digital libraries, and long-term data preservation. Our goal is to meet the performance, scalability, and distributed data needs of the 21st century, and integrating with DDN is a natural step in that process."

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