March 14, 2011 15:08 ET

IronKey Founder and Chairman David Jevans to Address Federal Cyber Security Leaders and Entrepreneurs on Turning DHS Research Into Successful Company

SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwire - March 14, 2011) - IronKey Founder and Chairman David Jevans will address federal cyber security leaders and their counterparts in the private sector at a Security Innovation Network (SINET) conference this week. In his remarks, Jevans will share his experiences on turning a visionary DHS research project into real world products, and will provide insights on how best to leverage government funding to create successful companies and advances in national cyber security.  The Wall Street Journal has named IronKey to its list of the most promising startups in their "Next Big Thing 2011" survey. The ranking seeks to pinpoint the 50 U.S. venture-backed companies with the greatest opportunity and potential to succeed. 

Jevans joins other executives from the Department of Defense, The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as a featured presenter at the two-day event taking place March 15 - 16, 2011 at Stanford University. The conference is one way the DHS-supported SINET organization works to forge public/private partnerships that accelerate national security innovation in cyberspace.

Jevans' company IronKey is a success story and model for the type of public/private partnership SINET wants to foster. As a newly founded security startup in 2005, IronKey acquired a $1.5 million DHS contract to perform crucial research and development on the encryption and security of information and transactions. That visionary DHS research project led to the development of IronKey's successful products for enterprises, government and consumers, products that today are on the frontlines of critical cyber security initiatives such as:

  • Recommendations from the FBI and NACHA on how to prevent online commercial account ACH fraud and computer hijacking
  • Imminent guidelines from the FFIEC (Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council) on protecting online banking transactions
  • The President's National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) program
  • The onslaught of cybercrime stemming from threats such as the ZeuS Trojan, SpyEye and botnets
  • Data security for mobile workers in and outside of government

Today IronKey is positioned at the epicenter of all of these critical cyber security initiatives with best-in-class solutions for data protection, authentication and online banking fraud protection. As market demand grows rapidly the company is achieving great market success. 

In 2010, IronKey's secure portable storage solutions continued strong growth as regulators stepped up enforcement of data protection laws with new fines. The use of IronKey's portable storage devices with strong encryption and cloud-based management allows organizations to achieve safe harbor from fines and mandated notification. Gartner Dataquest found IronKey led all other competitors globally in the extreme secure USB flash drive market. In three of the last four years, IronKey received a prestigious People's Choice award for Best Mobile Security. 

In addition, the company recently announced that sales in its banking business unit more than doubled every quarter last year. In early 2010, IronKey introduced Trusted Access for Banking to help banks and their clients fight back against online account takeovers and fraud that is costing more than $6 billion each year. Unlike previous approaches, Trusted Access isolates online banking sessions from criminals even on computers infested with malicious software. According to the latest figures from the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG), a staggering 25 percent of all PCs are infected with some kind of financial malware or downloader aimed at stealing login credentials or hijacking online banking sessions. Providing a dedicated secure environment for online banking is recommended by NACHA - The Electronic Payments Association and the FBI and is recognized as a relevant security control for preventing fraud in pending draft guidance to banks from the FFIEC.

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"Protecting Online Banking Customers from Evolving Cyber Crime Threats," a 20-minute online webcast from IronKey, can help you understand the risks facing anyone using a PC for online banking and why anti-virus software and firewalls and other conventional safeguards are not able to stop these attacks. The webcast explains the latest bank phishing attacks, the ZeuS Trojan and Spyeye, the "mule" economy and dozens of other topics relevant to understanding and fighting this serious crime wave.

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IronKey provides essential security products for mobile and remote workers. IronKey solutions protect remote workers from the threats of data loss, compromise of passwords, and computers infected by malicious software and crimeware. IronKey multi-function devices connect to a computer's USB port and are easy to manage with the IronKey management service. This allows users to securely carry sensitive corporate data, strongly authenticate to VPNs and corporate networks and isolate remote workers from malicious software and crimeware. IronKey customers include Fortune 500 companies, healthcare providers, financial institutions and government agencies around the world.

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