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February 13, 2006 09:00 ET

IronPort Introduces Management Platform for Family of Gateway Security Appliances

IronPort M-Series™ Provides a New Platform to Define, Report and Audit Corporate Security Policies

SAN BRUNO, CA and SAN JOSE, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 13, 2006 -- IronPort Systems Inc., the leader in gateway security, today announced at the RSA Conference, the availability of their newest product, the IronPort M-Series Security Management Appliance. Until now, enterprises attempting to secure their email and web communications have had to manage multiple disparate security interfaces, with no common policy language and multiple reporting formats. The IronPort M-Series Security Appliance provides a consolidated platform for managing all policy, reporting, and audit data for IronPort's leading protection for multiple modes of communication.

Application security management

Organizations today face a difficult choice when considering implementing a security protection layer for different communication protocols. Most vendor solutions rely on their proprietary configuration and management inputs, and reporting data is stored in their format and presented using their terms. Most often, auditing capabilities are non-existent, and no tools are available to provide end-to-end visibility across various communication application protocols.

The IronPort M-Series Security Appliance solves these problems. By consolidating configuration, reporting and communication auditing for IronPort's best-of-breed Email and Web Security Appliances, the M-Series Security Management Appliance drives down administrative overhead required, while accurately and effectively applying security policies across all layers of protection.

"Until now, companies had to define policies for email and web security using completely different rules," said Rand Wacker, Senior Product Manager, IronPort Systems. "Ideally, rules should be defined on a group and business level basis, across all protocols. The IronPort M-Series Security Appliance allows enterprises to do just that, as well as report and audit these corporate security policies."

Consolidated quarantines for content security

The initial release of the IronPort M-Series Security Management Appliance includes a new consolidated quarantine for email security. Able to store messages for hundreds of thousands of users, this quarantine can be used to provide end-user review of detected spam messages, administrator review of possible security threats, and compliance officer review of content security issues.

IronPort's quarantining functionality is built to provide easy end-user self service (where enabled), with fast searching and both web and email based interfaces. Administrative overhead is nearly zero, with a new self-managing storage feature that ensures the latest messages are always available for review. The quarantine also features the ability to meet Sarbanes-Oxley regulations, and supports corporate archiving policies while limiting the amount of expensive managed storage needed for archive backups.

Integrated reporting tells the whole story

Security for gateway appliances is different from traditional packet-based security because the threats are varied and require the full context of the communication to detect and defend the corporation. The IronPort M-Series Security Management Appliance will provide a centralized platform for IronPort's third-generation reporting technology designed to scale to the needs of very large enterprises and services providers. Detailed and accurate information is coalesced into clear and informative reports suitable for all levels of an organization. Cross-application reporting provides insight into the threats being blocked from inside and outside your network, internal user behavior, and critical content security policy.

Security policy auditing

For security management, policy definition and reporting must be combined with effective event auditing to ensure reliable service. An upgrade to the M-Series will provide a centralized repository for all communication telemetry. The IronPort M-Series will allow administrators to trace and diagnose any event, user, or attack, even across multiple protocols.

Apply business policy, not vendor policy

To ensure consistent enforcement of security policies across all groups and protocols in an organization, the IronPort M-Series Security Management Appliance will offer a consolidated interface for defining business policy for application security. A consolidated policy interface ensures consistent rules can be applied across various organizations, and eliminates the risk of inaccurate enforcement due to the complexity of translating business logic into several different vendor-specific rule sets.

Built on AsyncOS

The IronPort M-Series Security Management Appliance is built on IronPort's exclusive appliance operating system -- IronPort AsyncOS™ -- to provide the necessary processing power to manage hundreds of millions of security events each day. Since AsyncOS is a fully integrated component of the IronPort appliance, administrative costs for managing the base OS are practically zero, freeing up valuable staff time for dealing with security violations and ensuring constant vigilance on the network.

Available Immediately

The IronPort M-Series Security Management Appliance is available in March of 2006. Two models are available: the M600 for medium-to-large enterprises and the M1000, offering unparalleled performance for the most demanding networks.

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