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September 18, 2006 07:00 ET

IronPort Reports Over 50 Percent of Corporate Desktops Are Infected With Malware

Internet Gateway Security Leader Publishes 2006 Malware Report and Announces First Shipments of IronPort Web Security Appliances

SAN BRUNO, CA and NEW YORK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 18, 2006 --


-- IronPort® Systems today issued a report that finds Internet malware
   (which includes spam, viruses, phishing, and spyware) continues to be
   a major threat to Internet communications.
-- Other findings from the report include:
   -- More than 50 percent of corporate desktops worldwide are infected
      with some type of spyware -- with the rate of infection as high as
      70 percent in the United States.
   -- Trojans or malicious system monitors represented over 7 percent of
      the infections.
   -- Rootkits and trick loaders, which reinstall spyware and other
      obfuscation techniques, make remediation very difficult -- thus
      prevention is the key to stopping these threats.
   -- Tactics employed by malware authors have also become increasingly
      sophisticated, the latest being a "blended threat" which combines
      spam, virus, and spyware tactics into a single, well coordinated
   -- Desktop cleanup efforts often involve reloading the entire operating
      system of an infected PC, a cumbersome and expensive undertaking.
      IronPort found that malware costs over $150 per PC user per year.
      This number only reflects the direct IT costs associated with control
      and removal of malware, it does nothing to consider the billions of
      dollars at stake if confidential information is leaked or lost due to
      malware infections.
-- In light of the above data, and increased market demand, IronPort today
   launched the IronPort S-Series™ Web security appliance -- a high
   performance gateway appliance designed to stop Web-based malware from
   entering the network, with near zero-latency to preserve the end-user
   Internet browsing experience.
-- IronPort S-Series Web security appliance is the first industry solution
   that combines network-layer and application-layer capabilities. The
   solution is built around IronPort's industry-leading reputation and
   signature filtering technology.
-- Customer shipment of the IronPort S-Series appliances has already begun,
   with more than 40 systems deployed.
-- IronPort S-Series Web security appliance is another example of
   IronPort's leadership and innovation. Thousands of global network
   security and technology companies have chosen IronPort to protect their
   own networks. IronPort protects Cisco, Juniper, Intel and Dell. The
   company also protects the US Army and Navy. IronPort supports eight of
   the ten largest ISPs and over 20 percent of the Fortune 500.

IronPort is applying the same technology that made it the industry leader in stopping spam, to Web security. The IronPort S-Series, the industry's fastest Web security appliance, was developed because of the increased demand from enterprises to stop and combat spyware (one of the most significant corporate security issues today). Although a major threat, less than 10 percent of corporations have deployed perimeter spyware defenses. The speed, variety and maliciousness of spyware and other Web-based malware attacks have all highlighted the importance of a robust, secure platform to protect the enterprise network perimeter from such threats. The IronPort S-Series appliances combine a high-performance security platform with IronPort's exclusive Web Reputation technology and IronPort's breakthrough Dynamic Vectoring and Streaming™ (DVS) engine, a new scanning technology that enables fully integrated, rapid signature-based filtering.


"In 2006, we have seen two important trends working together. Overall threat volumes are increasing, and the level of sophistication is also increasing," said Tom Gillis, SVP Worldwide Marketing at IronPort Systems. "The Web is the new battle front. The malware threats we are seeing coming through the Web gateway are the most sophisticated yet. The IronPort S-Series stops these threats, accurately and swiftly."

"IronPort entered the anti-spyware market by releasing a fast and effective gateway appliance, the IronPort S-Series. This perimeter defense against spyware boasts industry-leading performance and the ability to detect and proactively block Internet malware through the use of multi-vendor, signature-based filtering techniques. The IronPort S-Series' Web Reputation and URL scoring systems are powerful features that ensure that spyware-distributing websites are blocked, while trustworthy sites are left unblocked." -- The Radicati Group, Inc


The IronPort S650 is designed for large enterprises and the IronPort S350 is designed for small and medium enterprises. Both products protect the network perimeter against a wide variety of Web-based threats. The IronPort S-Series is available now at:


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